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Not that Zoda... Damn...

So I'm playing Subspace Emissary and at the end of a stage see that I've unlocked a Zoda trophy. I get all kinds of happy, thinking this is Nintendo finally giving a little respect to StarTropics. Mike's not a playable, not an assist, but maybe that particular trophy meant that the U.S. only (why?) NES classic would be getting some play in the form of regular trophies... Nope, it's not the Zoda I know:

That's him, the alien fella in the armor...

It's actually some douche from F-Zero:

Maybe if I played racers of anything other than the cart variety I'd have figured it was more than likely this guy, eh?

At least I got ST on the Virtual Console, right? I think I'll just refer to R.O.B. as Nav-Com after I unlock him. That'll show Nintendo.

Quick question I'm just throwing out there, since I have no idea; Are there more items to unlock in order to further customize levels? I spent a bit of time with the level creator and was kinda let down. It sounded really cool in advance, but actually using it the damn thing is way limited. Still nice to have, but so far not what I thought...

Also, we all know this already, friend codes suck. It's a given. But having game specific friend codes instead of just using your already coded Wii friends is really pointless. Is that to protect the kiddies from all the pedophiles already on their friends list? Huh?

Oh yeah, I guess I should also mention that Smash Bros is fun. Who'd have thunk it, right?
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