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Me complaining about complainers....

So I don't play too much Halo 3 anymore. Once or twice a month, and then only when one of my brothers is over or is online and really wants to. Anyways, I understand that it's a known fact that a lot of us that play Halo 3 are idiots and/or assholes. I'd like to say I'm not one of those, so yay me, right? But here goes my gripe of the night regarding the Halo 3 community:

Why the fuck do they go into Big Team Battle if all they want to fucking do is play Slayer?

If you want to just shoot other folks, there's a playlist for you. You wanna shoot other folks with a team of like-colored individuals, there's a playlist for you too. Why don't they understand that? Every gametype that comes up in BTB that has an objective other than kill 'em all get's whined and bitched about and we get to hear cries of "Veto, veto, veto!!!" until enough like-minded sucks slam on the x button, and there's always plenty enough of 'em to accomplish the rejection. Almost the only time you can actually play a game of Capture the Flag (my favorite), or Assault/Neutral Bomb is after the inevitable veto happens and by pure luck Team Slayer doesn't come up. Then the bitching commences again.

Now I don't hate slayer per se. Hell, it's the playlist my highest rank is in, though it's a measly 26. Like I said, I don't play H3 too often. But when I go into BTB it's not for a 3rd(!) playlist of friggen' Slayer. Once in a while it's fine, even a nice change of pace, but 3/4 games ends up as Team Slayer and it gets old. I'd really dig it if these folks would just learn to live with gametypes other than Slayer in BTB.

And now a random pic, to wash down my hate...

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