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Current status: I desperately need new underwear help please I can't stop cu-


Today I enlisted my good friend Nathan Drake for some workplace pranking. After a coworker leapt three feet into the air, screaming like a banshee, upon running into him in the elevator, I would consider the prank a success!


Comictoid, Comictoid. Have a classic:


E3 is a bloody scourge for me in retail. So many kids come in with their parents, asking for the latest stuff they've seen on YouTube - and I get to crush their dreams by telling them none of it is available until several months in the future! Me atm:


The R'n'B and HipHop crew of coworkers got control of the store music and ran a playlist of the "latest hits" for most of my workday. After 5 hours of Kanye, Drake, Rihanna and their ilk, this was my state of mind:


Last night I took a gamble and bought the Early-Access title House of the Dying Sun. And I'm very glad I did! A space shooter in the style of Tie Fighter or Freespace, with beautiful stylistic graphics and great music! Highly promising!


I'm showing a customer an Asus ROG gaming laptop. Several times said customer adjusts the screen angle by grabbing the edge of the screen - while pressing ON THE SCREEN WITH HIS THUMB!


I have done nothing but play Overwatch for the past 6 hours. It is 2 am and I have work tomorrow. My current findings are that D.Va is my new Waifu, and I will never again live up to the moment when I bowled 5 dudes off a cliff with one Booster.


A massive thunderstorm is rolling in, and we lost network connection twice at work. What's worse is that the power spikes seem to have knocked out the Air Conditioning! Current status:


You can always count on bubble wrap to protect the precious things in life:


I just finished off the second level of Doom. I am slightly unsettled by the fact that when I was under the effect of the Berserk Powerup, I could not stop cackling maniacally as my brutal fists reduced demons to bloody piles of gore.


I picked up Doom today, after hearing the positive opinions on the campaign. Now to can hardly wait to get home and RIP AND TEAR


Brother lokhe has inspired me. We need more Metroid Prime up in here.


I'll toss in one more Soundtracktoid before bed - Link Between Worlds had some excellent tunes, and this one was a perfect Final Dungeon song:


Soundtracktoid, eh? Take it away, Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett. (I'm so excited for this game I don't know what to do with myself)


Since we're still rollin' with the Metaltoid, here's a bit of local patriotism: Genre-defining Melodeath from my hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden! Dark Tranquility, everyone!


Metaltoid, you say? Have some Celtic-inspired Swiss Folk Metal!


Retail Tales 2: The Revenge "Hey, have you guys got Uncharted 4?" "Where's Uncharted 4?" Well obviously not. See any Uncharted 4 around here?


Retail in a nutshell: "Hey, where's The Division?" "Have you got The Division?" "The Division was supposed to be released a few days ago, right? Have you got it in stock?"


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