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A Game To Forget: Final Fantasy 7

I'm not gonna try to sugarcoat what I'm about to say. I dont care if I offend you by stating the total obvious right now: Final Fantasy 7 sucks. It's a horrible game. There's no arguing it. It's just bad. Lets break it down:

Graphics: 4/10

Sound: 7/10

Gameplay: 5/10

Story/Character Development: 6/10

Alright. Lets get this party goin', shall we?
The graphics for Final Fantasy 7 are so.. just.. outright bad. Honestly. Am I supposed to believe this is a PlayStation game?

It looks like the characters are made out of friggin' legos. What the hell is this? The backgrounds arent even rendered; they're freakin' pictures for christs sake. You're telling me a PS1 cant even handle something that simple, yet a N64 can?

Now, for sound; the saddest thing about this is, I have to say the sound was the best part of the game. And it was midi's. The music definitely held this game together while it was trying to desperately make me kill myself from regret of buying it.

As for gameplay, it was atrocious. I cant tell you how many times I'd have trouble moving to a certain place, because it just controlled horribly. It just felt jerky. As for battle; that was at least done right. The battle gameplay was perfect; explaining how gameplay got 5/10; It was half of the gameplay.

The story for Final Fantasy 7 is just pathetic. I quote Squirtle on this, and it sums up my feelings for it: "Conceptually, it makes no sense. really, if you play through it with the scathing eye of an English student and take it APART, it just falls apart."
Character development was decent; not great, but decent. So, that got 5. The story itself got 1; gotta give it an A for effort, right? Wrong. It got an F for FAILURE TO BE GOOD. This game just sucks. Period. :(
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