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Series of Unfortunate Events


Seriously! Read them!

This book series by Lemony Snicket was my all time favorite series of books to read while I was growing up. There are 13 books in all. (its funny cause 13 is unlucky). I have probably read thru the entire series at least 5 times. The three orphans have many terrible and unfortunate events happen to them. The eldest of the three, Violet, is a great inventor and always seems to come up with incredible things to help them out of impossible situations. Klaus, the middle child can remember anything he has ever read. I wanted to be like him so badly. I have this incredible love for reading and wished I could recall all that I have ever read. If the children were ever in a tough place or in a situation where something Klaus read about would save them, he would be able to remember how to get out of it. Sunny is just the baby of the family and has unnaturally sharp teeth for an infant. She can bite thru almost anything. If a bad guy had hold of her she could pretty much bite his hand off to get away. These three orphans are also really rich, there parents died and one of their relatives just wants all of their fortune. Count Olaf will pretty much stop at nothing to get the money. 

The movie....of disappointment.

Yes...like all good book series, Hollywood wants to make a movie of it to make money. Not only was the movie a huge disappointment but the casting just made me want to shoot myself in the face. Who would put Jim Carrey as the villian of a movie? WHO?....but I digress. The movie not only combined the first three books into one big movie, but the movie did not keep the timeline of the books. They put the ending of the first book at the end of the whole movie, how in the world does that even make sense. In the movie all they did was hit the main points of each book and that is fine, I understand you can't have every detail from the book BUT at least keep to the timeline of the original story. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! Thankfully because the movie was not a huge success they did not continue on to make more movies based off of the books.

And justice for all....

Now we do have some good news for those die heart fans out there. Netflix as we know has been making Netflix originals, which to everyones' surprise have actually been pretty amazing. Well Netflix has announced that they will be making a TV series of the Series of Unfortunate Events. I REPEAT A WHOLE TV SERIES! Finally some justice will be had for this wonderful book series. And not only will it been given justice by being able to properly follow the timeline but Netflix has announced that NEIL PATRICK HARRIS will be playing Count Olaf. Yes the crazy, witty man that most know from How I Met Your Mother will be playing the main villian in this series. Some pictures have been leaked.

This is side by side of the original artwork that is shown throughout the book series. How incredible is this!!! I am so excited for this to happen. So be prepared for lots of pictures and eeks from me when this show is on air!

Man I could just cry of happiness. Well anyway...hope you all enjoyed my random rant/blog about this amazing book series. You all should check it out. It is a quick and easy read. Entertaining for all ages. 

- Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone. - Madoka Magica

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