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Its about MONEY....not quality....


It has been on my mind lately that the many forms of media and entertainment we have today have really gone downhill in the quality they put out. I know you are probably thinking, this isn't new or you already know this. But the reason it has been bugging me so much is the release of the new Harry Potter "book". Now I put book in quotation marks because the new story and book that was released was just a special script of the play that was premiered in London. Now I do think it is very awesome that they made a new story and made it a play. That is very interesting and unique. I can apprieciate that. My problem I have is they put the script of the play into a full book and sold it to the public. They didn't make it a full fledged novel or narration. IT IS JUST THE SCRIPT OF THE PLAY. If I wanted to know about the play I would go and fucking see it. Why would I want to read the script and miss out on a lot of details that you would get from actually seeing the full show. Why didn't they just make it a full narration to give to the public if you wanted the public to know the new story. Why waste my time and every one elses' time by only releasing the script? 

Don't get me wrong, as a huge Harry Potter fan, I did buy the new "book" but more out of curiousity of what the this new story was about. Not because I wanted to read a play script. I truly believe that the writers of this new story/play are banking on the fact that they know Harry Potter has a huge, and I mean HUGE, fanbase that will throw money at this new book because the story that they thought was over is being brought back with a new play. That is awesome and it does make me happy to know that J.K. Rowling did have a voice and say in the writing of the new play. BUT why disappoint the fans with only giving us a script and not a full narration of this new story? Why give us a mere glimpse of this story when you can only experience its true glory on the stage? It is just a damn shame. 

So, this just brings me to the fact that movies and even video games are getting lazy with the quality of the products they are pushing out to the public. Just for example, The Lord of the Rings movies were amazing and gave such great justice to the books that Tolkien wrote. Peter Jackson took three HUGE novels and made three great movies. So naturally after some time, 9 years to be exact, Jackson decided he should continue with the Tolkien books, to which everyone shit their pants with excitement. (me included) He announced that he would be making a movie based on The Hobbit. Then to my disappoint he announced it would be made into three movies. Why? Why would you make that decision? Money. Simple as that. He made LOTR with hardly any money and made them great. Now he is a success and he can have any budget he wants. So why make ONE great movie when you can stretch it out and make it into three. He stretched a simple and wonderful story into three long-ass movies and added a bunch of extra shit that wasn't even in the original story. Yes he did take stuff from some of Tolkien's other writings, so he wasn't just making it up.....but still. Why take away from a simple coming of age story? In the three long movies you don't get the personal growth and development of Biblo like you do in the book. Yet people seem to forget this, and think Peter Jackson did a wonderful job at portraying the book. Did people even read it? My personal guess, probably not....but I digress.

Unfortunatly, many other movies have followed in Peter Jacksons' footsteps and have extended movies to get more money. The Twilight series did it with their last movie, The Hunger Games did it as well with Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2, even Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was put into two parts. They do it not because they need more time to tell the story, I truly believe they do it because they know people will pay to go see all the movies. 

Ok, enough about movies and books you are probably wondering why I mentioned the decline of video games? Well in my opinion I have noticed that a lot of games will launch a new game that isn't complete or could still use a lot of work. So what do developers do to solve this problem? Down loadable content. It seems like all games have DLCs now. You can't just buy a finished game anymore. The developers always seem to be adding on to it to make it better. Don't get me wrong DLCs are cool and can add a lot to a game, but why not wait until you do a remastered verision of your game to add the cool new toys and gadgets. Don't throw out DLCs like candy every couple of months or years. Wait for an anniversary to kick something new out to re-vamp the hype for the game. Don't just throw out medicore DLCs just for the sake of making money because you know people will buy it. That is disrespectful to your fanbase. But unfortunatly that has become the "normal" in gaming these days. It is like Pokemon Go. They launched it and it has a lot of bugs and things that need fixed so they are re-vamping it to fix the problems and that is great. BUT why not wait till you know that when you launch the least amount of bugs or problems will occur. I know it is impossible to launch a new game without some sort of glitch or bug, I get that. But why not hold off until you know you are giving the best possible product on the market for your consumer? 

Sorry I went on such a long rant, it just bothers me that quality of product is not important to developers and writers. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Feel free to leave me your thoughts on this subject, I'd love to know how you feel about this!


Also, cocks.

- Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone. - Madoka Magica

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