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Officially done with my semester!!!! Hooray!


New grips for my pro controller


Happy Monday friends! I hope you have a great day!!


I got an 80/100 on my math test last night!!!


I have one week left of school. Then I get 6 weeks off!


Things are gonna be messy for a bit, but in the end I think it’s gonna work out and be for the best.


Been trying to speak my truth more, but in doing so…I’ve finding out about things I wished I had never known….


Thank you guys for the love and support. You guys are truly amazing. <3


Some things never change. I wanted to come back and stay but it looks like this isn't a safe place.


Some things never change. I wanted to come back and stay but it looks like this isn't a safe place.


Boop just popping in again to say hi. Things are potentially looking up for my situation, but the continued positive vibes would be great.


I hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!


Feeling very lonely. I could use some cheering up.


This math class of mine is going to kill me. Only 3 weeks left.


Hello friends. Long time, no see. Lots of crazy things have happened in the past couple of weeks. But I just wanted to pop in and say hi to old friends.


Hey all! Just wanted to drop in and thank you guys for supporting our move. Ravenclaw, you’re an absolute sweetheart. We know that we aren’t fan favorites after our recent fiasco, but your love and support means the world to us. Love, Yue and JuIc3.


Got a new tattoo today!!


Did some thoughts on Monster hunter rise check comments


Just had an amazing evaluation at my new job! I am loving it here!


Gotta start em young with manga right?? 😂


Took a pause in The Switcher 3 because MHRise came out. The demo left me thinking I was going to hate it, but I am having so much fun. Juice and I have already gone on a couple hunts together! HMU or juice if you want to hunt together!


It’s so nice to just take my time doing a couple quests or just explore the world in The Witcher 3. I am thoroughly enjoying myself.


This might be TMI but I have a huge zit on my butt and it hurts like hell. So do what you will with that information.


I have the best hubby ❤️🥰


Just ordered these for Juice and I 😊


Oh my god, this world in Mario Odyssey is really frustrating me. I keep dying and I just want to rip my hair out. I know this game is suppose to be easy but gah I suck at platformers.


Add me on PSN and switch! SW-4589-70770596


I got all my stuff ready for school next month, got my dashboard pages saved to my computer. Got microsoft word and excel for school. I am nervous and excited! One month to go! I am so ready for this!


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A complete and total reading nerd. I love most video games. I am not a big fan of first person shooters though. Just started getting into Anime. Madoka Magica has probably been my favorite I have watched thus far. I am starting to get obsessed.

Just remember I have the best butts to share.

I was finally given a card and I absolutely love it. As you will learn with me I am very lewd and love all things lewd. So this card suites me well.

So that is me, catgirl, magic using, music loving girl.

Just beat Pokemon Ultra Sun, I adored it. Started playing Horizon Zero Dawn again, and I will probably get the DLC for it once I beat the game.

Also for those who are interested I have been reading a lot more lately. I am currently looking into getting a Kindle Paperwhite, to satisfy my reading needs.