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Holy shit, stop what you're doing and start listening the new letlive album, just trust me on this one.


Hey destructoid, it's been a while. How've you been?


been struggling with writing lately, and telling things how ki want to tell them. Feels weird, anyone who’s got any tips or something, that don’t require me to sit through long texts of “improve your writing”. Also here is a peanut.


I think this really was the way to go for Evolve, let's give them a round of aplaus.


So today I was thinking a lot about Isis and war in general and how we can all fix it. I found nothing played some metal and booted up Pay day2. A productive day it was.


So I'll be of for the 4 days of walhalla called Graspop, see you when I get back. Stay metal destructoid!


So I drew this thingy for my exam of preproduction, thought I'd share with you all.


anyone who wants to have a laugh flavoured with a fairly disgusting undertone, Jim's got you covered. http://www.thejimquisition.com/watch-dogs-2-and-the-steam-users-who-hate-black-people/


half way through the exams, only three more and I can get to writing again.


grab the masks and load the shotguns, PAYDAY 3 CONFIRMED!!!


seems Starbreeze studios now owns the full rights to the pay day franchise, which is an awesome franchise play it now, please don't muck it up.


finally got around to seeing Dawn of justice


just came across this thing I made for my final assignment tv last year when I still did journalism, (I'm the camera guy, and editing). enjoy, if you're dutch at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mW-iOEXkpM


of course uncharted 4 has microtransactions, why wouldn't it.


God I hope battlefield 1 will be on par with that trailer, cause that was fucking awesome.


god I hope the rumors for Battlefield 5 are true, alternate WW1? Yes please!


my not be very active in the foreseeable future. pc problems + finals coming up, just wanted to let you know. Cause I care about you, are you not gratefull?


No reviews until after launch, one way to show confidence in your product (battleborn). This just leads me to believe that not a whole lot of those problems in the beta have been fixed, hope I'm wrong.


Wooow we're getting a "the punisher" series!


Went to see captain America civil war yesterday. Pretty damn good.


watched 3 seasons of the last air bender in 2 days, also watched the movie jut for completionism’s sake. I need help.


I was thinking, we should place bets on who's going to die on the first episode of game of thrones tonight (airs at 4am local time here). my money is on the king slayer, who's going to get killed by Cersei when trying to explain why her daughter is dead.


faith, saying fuck you to stamina meters since 2008


By some major divine intervention, the gods have seen fit to grant me a beta key to mirror's edge catalyst. I'm extremely excited for this one.


Did any of you guys get into the mirror's edge beta? If so what can you tell me about it?


Like some of you may know I currently study game design, lately I've been having a lot of financial problems regarding school. Now they've asked me to urgently stop by to talk about my enrolment in the year, pretty much fearing to worst right now.


Elder scrolls: legends seems like it may be something enjoyable. But I'm afraid it's going to add the same random elements hearthstone did which for me made the game more infuriating then enjoyable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKtxbAmkCtU


Guess we're going to have to wait a little longer for mirror's edge


Haven't written a lot lately, but I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully something interesting. In the meantime, this is some concept art I've been working on, with a lot of help from some more experienced friends. Thanks guys!


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