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Rise of the Dark Spark: Will it stand, or will it fall?

Bah wheep gragnah wheep minibong.�

A new Transformers game is on the way, to accompany the new Transformers film, and although it's fashionable for gamers to trash movie tie-ins, and anyone to trash Michael Bay's output, i feel in the core of my spark that this game will be worthwhile and would like to explain why.

Firstly i'll just admit to being a huge Transformers fan. I keep toy... i mean, 'collectible figurines' around my house in the same way that an ancient Roman would keep miniature depictions of Mars and Jupiter - the greatest thing about the Transformers is the personality, and some of the Autobots and Decepticons have become sources of inspiration; embodiments of particular traits.

The movieverse... maybe not so much, but it's not without its own merits. The Bumblebee redesign was really cool - i especially love the way the car doors stand on his back like bumblebee wings while in robot mode - and there is a lot of death. That is one of the things that made the 1986 animated film so great.


Looking at the achievement list, i can see that there is an achievement awarded for doing something which seems to interfere with an event that took place in the very first episode of Prime, so i'm quite confident that the movie stuff is just there to capitalise on the popularity of the series and that the game will focus more on the Aligned continuity... but the Age of Extinction side will bring some awesome character models and alt modes for multiplayer.

I can't wait to transform and roll out.
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