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Check out the official Bloodstained:Ritual of the Night forums at bloodstainedfanforums.com Join the official Discord at the bottom of that page. 505 Games, ArtPlay and Fangamer are all regularly checking and interacting with fans.


1999 Dracula was defeated. Today, 18 years later, we experience a total solar eclipse. Soma Cruz is born today. 18 years from now another eclipse will send Soma to Castlevania. Is Dracula's power being transferred at this very moment to a new incarnation?


Adi Shankar to produce Assassin's Creed story. His Castlevania Netflix animated series premiers July 7th.


Bloodstained Community Broadcast 15 E3 2017 News and Demo. IGA is shooting for backer alpha in August.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night official trailer looks amazing!


Bloodstained Zangetsu model reveal! http://bloodstainedfanforums.com/thread/2372/zangetsus-3d-model-revealed


Colin Moriarty Leaves Kinda Funny. The Bloodstained launch will be less without him next year. His interviews with IGA and the Twitch live streams were a key part of the hype experience. Best wishes to him from the Bloodstained community.


Bloodstained update shows new enemies and interview with Michiru Yamane! Update Link


Let's Listen: Bram Stoker's Castlevania The writing, narration, sound effects and music are just so well done.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on sale for $3.99 for Xbox Live gold members! #Deals


I recently got the opportunity to talk with Dan Adelman and James Petruzzi about the upcoming indi game Chasm. Listen to the entire interview here.


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