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What I Want To See From A PS Vita 'Slim/2000'

So yesterday i made a post on what Sony has done wrong with the Vita and to continue the trend of vita blogs i wanted to make another one but instead im writing what i would like from a new console revision. 1) Internal Storage So if Son...


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My names Wesley, im 15 (Yeah pretty young)
Love games, when i was younger i used to play Pokemon Red on my Gameboy colour i had to share with my sisters. Also had a ps1 which i used to play Spyro, Wipeout and Crash Bandicoot (The ones that were made by there creators and man were those some of the best games out?) oh and of course Crash Team Racing! :D Absolutely adored those games! Then the #1 game i played the most on my ps2 (and before i was a teen) was by far Kingdom Hearts 2, I f*cking love that game! haha, man, used to spend hours getting the ultima keyblade and stuff and that was back in like 07 i played that and i still love KH and my favorite is probably Birth by Sleep (Which needs an imediate PSN release so i can play through it another 4 times with the Vita's beautiful OLED screen and filtering for those nasty edges!) then in '09 i made the switch to 360 and oh my god, Halo 3, the game that started it all for my FPS addiction! =)

Still heavily anticipating KH 3 and TimeSplitters 4 tho! ;D

PC, PSP, PS Vita Enthusiast! =)