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Was 2014 really such a bad year in video games?


Let's discuss that question right here and now. Was it really THAT bad? There were a few AAA fuck-ups, yes. But what about all the awesome stuff that came in 2014? If you look at it from the other side you just might realize it actually wasn't so bad at all. Some could even say it was rather good.

Let's look at the Wii U. MAN! What a year for Nintendo here. They really finished strong last year. Games like Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze were all actually some of the best games period to come out in 2014. A very strong, fun E3 presence to round those things out with some hot stuff on the horizon.

The Wii U went from being a "next-gen" flop to a seriously fun game system all in about 12 months. Great turn around. And this doesn't even include the 3DS, which put fourth some awesome games as well, like Brvely Default, Pokemon Alpha/Omega and Persona Q (Amongst several others).

Then the Vita, ok, yes, the Vita is a niche Japanese game machine, I've covered it before on here, and I've also expressed my love for it numerous times, but still, it's all true. Some GREAT Vita games came out in 2014. Freedom Wars being a shining example for me, as I actually considered it one of my favorite games of 2014, period. Yeah, the Vita isn't for everyone, but if you're into the niche it caters to then you had a pretty good run last year.

Ok, so let's get down to the AAA games. I think few would argue that Wolfenstein: The New Order was a very pleasant surprise. Dragon Age: Inquisition brought Dragonage back into full form, and is one of, if not my favorite game to release in the year.  We were also graced with Infamous: Second Son, a great firt party PS4 exclusive, perhaps the first truly great one, actually. (In my opinion) Destiny wasn't a game for everyone, but it was certainly the game for most of my friends and I. We haven't had this much fun playing a game together in ages, honestly. Short of story, but bursting with cooperative fun. Yes, it's a controversial opinion, but still, it's my experience, and I considered it a plus.

Conversely (for me), Shadow of Mordor seemed to resonate quite well with most gamers. I personally didn't get into it that much, and found it pretty boring. HOWEVER, I still saw it's merit and have plenty of friends who enjoyed it. Still overall a plus.

And let's not forget CoD: Advanced Warfare. Pretty damn good game. Sledgehammer stepped it up here, bringing the first real innovation to the series in years. Entertaining single player campaign, and pretty damn good multiplayer. Huge step up from Ghosts, and overall a pretty damn good game. It'll be weird to go back to oldschool CoD now.

There're more I'm missing, but this has gone on for a bit now anyway. But my point stands, when you stand back and look at it, 2014 actually so bad. In fact, I personally had a pretty good year in gaming myself.

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