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Marisa is great so far...but this iteration of Zangief is BEASTLY! Cannot wait to see the pro scene for this game. I think HeadStomper in Sweden is the first official major?


Some unknown Blizzard BS aside, Rhykker's Diablo 4 review is probably one of the most comprehensive for those on the fence about the game. Makes sense given that he's arguably THE best Diablo content creator out there. Great review though.


So...people who will be playing SF6 and Diablo 4; What characters/classes will you be playing? (Or in the case of SF6, which characters are you most looking forward to playing that we haven't gotten to try yet?) I'll answer my own question below!


It finally fucking happened. I joked about it for years. I lamented it's absence for years. But it's finally fucking happening! And the news has finally made my wife interested in trying the first game! Fuck yeah! Dragon's Dogma 2 baybee!


First paycheck came in from the new job today. Took care of a bunch of bills and groceries and then pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Street Fighter 6. Cannot fucking wait for this one!


I'm kind of out of the loop right now with games. But after finishing RE4 Remake I decided to give Dead Island 2 a try and I'm really enjoying that. I still haven't decided upon which character to play. Lenny Kravitz, Male Stripper, or Irish Woman?


For any Destiny players here. Byf's video here is rock solid. As THE lore guy of Destiny his take on the story means a lot to me. He makes some great points. But be warned, this contains MASSIVE spoilers for Lightfall if you care.


Traded in a stack of MTG cards at work and ordered a copy of Octopath 2 for the wife and Wo Long for myself. Very excite! Didn't think my cards were worth as much as they were.


You're one of the best guys I've ever met, Alpha. Happy birthday to you. And thanks for a badass theme song. You're the best!


Destiny's Lightfall Legendary campaign was no joke. There was some seriously taxing moments in that. I'm a veteran of every sort of Soulsborne and Soulslike game out there. I eat those for breakfast and love the misery. More below I suppose!


Just that kinda night.


I'll be damned. A copy randomly showed up at work. Didn't expect that. We rarely get new games in at all, especially harder to find ones.


Any other Kill Team/40K players here have a Blooded Kill Team they'd like to trade/sell by chance? Can't find one anywhere.


Almost forgot that Lightfall released today for Destiny. Too caught back up in the Elden Ring hype.


I just realized that Elden Ring has been out for just a bit over a full year now. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate how absolutely brilliant this game truly was. What were your favorite moments? What was your favorite build?


One of the best parts about RE4 Remake being on the horizon is that I know Aris will play it on stream. Those streams are always pure joy. Game's gonna rock my ass off.


I finally get to do the thing! But what's in there? PS: It's not for children!


Current Status:


How does one play this damn class properly on a controller? Is there a trick I don't know to simplify it?


So many games coming out in the next 6 months that I'm interested in playing. A big difference from the majority of last year for me. RE4, Street fighter 6, Diablo 4, Octopath Traveler 2, FF16, Zelda, etc.


Why haven't we gotten a Warhammer game where you either play as a Witch Hunter (In AoS) or an Inquisitor (In 40k) and go and investigate crimes against the Emperor? Like, more investigative and detective oriented than action filled. Sounds amazing.


Damn. Rest in peace Tim Aymar. What a fantastic, underrated vocalist. He worked with a lot of big names, did vocal lessons and just overall seemed like such a nice, down to earth guy. His early Pharaoh work in particular was amazing. RIP.


This is nuts. Jay challenged himself to paint the same Ultramarine 3 times. The first one in 2 hours. The second in 20 minutes. And the final one in 2 minutes. My 5 hour paint jobs so far look worse than his 20 minute work.


So these things exist. And...they're surprisingly actually delicious. Now I want to try cola flavored Peeps. What the fuck is wrong with me?


Courtesy of Mr. Bradshaw's post I decided to look when I joined and it's almost 12 years to the date. (Will be on the 21st.) Not quite as long as Chris, but longer than I realized. My bones hurt...


Another birthday come and gone. But this year, while I started out in a funk, I didn't let it tear me down. A lazy day, but not a bad one. As a wise man once said - Fuck it, man. Can't be worried about that shit. Life goes on, man.


"Twitter will be hearing about this." Lmfao. I don't know if this is one of Keef's hottest takes, but I'm curious how much shit he got for this one. Not as good as his Elden Ring video, but fun.


Now THIS is more like it! So glad Fextralife is covering builds for this game. He's hands down the best for the Souls-like games, and his Cyberpunk builds were really great too. His buildcrafting is always stellar. I like that this stuff is an option!


This set is going to be so goddamn good! I cannot wait to play a squad of Judge Dredds...and look at that good boy! And my wife is interested in the Drakhari half of the Soul Shackle set, so it's on!


Took the gamble on Wizard Game Half the Internet Hates. Wife and son talked me into it. Despite knowing nothing about this franchise, it's been REALLY good so far. Top notch production values, smooth controls. Created this dashing lad to play as.


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