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Dust the Gloves Off


I watched the Capcom Cup finals with my wife and some good friends this past weekend through a stiff migraine. It was still a good time and pretty exciting. More so considering this was probably the last major event to be headlined by Street Fighter IV.  I've at one point in time on here talked about my brief brush with something resembling a semi-professional Street Fighter career.

Well I fell out of the game in a nutshell right on the cusp of greatness and my old training buddy actually went and made it. To put a long story short. I grew up, had adult responsibilities and all that. I still follow the game on a competitive level, just don't participate anymore as I just feel too far behind now and honestly don't have the time to adequately practice anymore.

But Street Fighter V is on the near horizon, and with it everyone is starting fresh again. So I've been thinking, maybe it's time to dust myself off and oil up my thumbs. Maybe there's still a chance for an old bastard like myself. I've already been getting invites to a few small scale local tournaments and get togethers to celebrate the game's launch. Though I think some of them are kind of just in a nod of recognition to what was once there and what I once was. I guess it's nice to know that some of the guys still remember me and what could have been.

Guess I'm just tired of feeling old and washed up. Time to do something about it. Might even try to make an EVO appearance in 2016. We'll see what happens with it. Could be something big.

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