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About Wintersocksone of us since 11:46 AM on 03.23.2009

My name's Mark. My friends call me Socks. I knit socks. for the winter. That's were the name comes from.

I own a Master System, Genesis, C64, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Wii, PS3, X360 and an HP Laptop. Once I get off my lazy bum and actually buy it, I'm sure Windows 7 will rock my (winter)socks off.

As for portables I have: Game Gear, Lynx, Game boy (pocket), GBC, GBA SP, DS Phat, PSP. I really want Christmas to come so I can finally open the PSPgo I bought for myself (Kid and Wife (It's what I call them in real life too) get one too)

My current favorite game is DJ Hero. Screw you, It combines delicious button-pressy rhythm games with some hawt mash-ups. It's boss. As for my all-time favorite, I would have to say Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. It had brilliant characters and was a huge difference to rest of the series. No more Ganon? *shockers*.

Minish Cap Sprite Link > Link to the Past Sprite Link. By like, lightyears.

Currently playing:

Personal Computer

-Shaun White Snowboarding
-Garry's Mod

Nintendo Wii

-Link's Crossbow Training
-Contra Rebirth, Gradius Rebirth.

Sony Playstation 3

-DJ hero

XBox 360


Nintendo Dual-Screen

-Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (to hype me up for Okamiden and Spirit Tracks)
-Bowser's Inside Story

Sony Playstation Portable

-Undead Knights
-Killzone: Liberation
-God of War: Chains of Olympus

I was born In Canada and have traveled the world. I speak fluent German, English, and I'm pretty good in (spoken) Japanese. I'm a happy go-lucky person loves his Swiss Miss and values a good cup of coffee (but not in the morning, it screws me up), his Wii, The Playstations (not the PSX, fuck that), anything Zelda or Bioware or pixel-artwork related. DJ hero is my Jam, son.

I play vidja games, yaknow.