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After many years with little Metroid content right now is a pretty good time to be a Metroid fan. Keep ‘‘em coming Nintendo!


Holly moly Tunic is amazing! I knew it would be good but I really didn't expect it to be an absolut masterpiece. I love how it makes me feel like a kid in the 90's again. Sitting with the games manual without having a clue how to read it.


What is your most recent big gaming accomplishment? The “Hell yeah! I conquered that fucker!” kind. Mine would be Castlevania: Bloodline’s for Genesis. Man! that game took me a lot of tries before I beat it.


Just finished Dread after 16 hours and 100%. Man what a great Metroid game! I could definitely see some things in it been done differently but overall I would say it’s probably one of my favorite off them all.


Felt like a little kid today buying Metroid Dread. Been waiting for this kind of 2,5D Metroid game since I got hooked on the franchise an so far It haven't disappointed. Mercury Steam did a fantastic job on this game I gotta say!


Just got a Mega Everdrive for my Sega Mega Drive/Genesis! Been playing a good amount of Musha, Mega Turrican and Gunstar Heros with a friend. I would love to get some recommendation of games to play or just hear which are your favourite games for Sega MD?


Was I the only one who fund it ironic that the first achievement you acquire in Cyberpunk is labeled "The Fool"?


Me entering Night City yesterday on my old PS4.


Big mistake buying Cyberpunk for the original PS4. Normally I i'm not the kind of person who complaints about graphics but the state the game is in at moment is to ugly to play even for me. Gotta wait until I migrate to the PS5 sadly.


So apparently there's been a giant Nintendo leak of source codes, prototype sprites, uncompressed voice samples and other stuff from old IP's. Definitely worth taking a look at.


On the other side of the quarantine when you have gone through weeks of intens alcogel treatment.


It’s been a long time since I visited Metroid Prime on my Wii. Its such a wonderful game that really deserves a HD remake. Some day maybe...


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