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Send me your dreams, I will interpret them!

Okay, so my brain is exhausted from this whole week and somehow I produced a dozen drafts, two blogs, several forum posts and ran around town dropping applications and resumes everywhere because that shiny, new job I had ran out of hours. As for games... didn't play anything, really, but that will change shortly.�

I was going to go see Ghostbusters in theaters this weekend, but dwindling funds made me reconsider. �Then again, I've had the whole thing memorized since it came out on VHS when I was a kid.

I am also back to house/dogsitting while my sister and her husband go adventuring somewhere - and I'm safely away from drunken roommates that pour water on greasefires. I'll probably swing by tomorrow to see if my apartment is still there before returning Monday evening.

I also need to pick some almond milk anyway because it helps me sleep well and I like having my weird dreams. Sometimes I blog about them, like that time I rode a raft with Chun Li and Cammy down a relaxation river with other Street Fighter characters.�

This week it was just a short dream, though:

It gave me an idea for this blog, though - allow me to interpret your dreams! Either post your dreams in the comment section or send them to me on Twitter @pixielated77 and I will crus... I mean, interpret them.

For extra fun I thought I might use the interpretations to create characters loosely based on c-bloggers for my run through Etrian Odyssey Untold's Classic Mode, then retell their adventures in blogs! I was going to do one based on Podtoid last year with EO IV, but it would have ended up being an adventure where nothing but horrible things happened to a beige warrior named Jonathan because a knightly Jim Sterling put him up to random bullshit

So it might be better to base it off c-bloggers. Then I could talk about that time I saw a deer - before it killed us all.

Anyway, send me your dreams and I will interpret them.
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