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I'm Pixie The Fairy. You can ask me things and stuff.


Changed my username today. This is Pixielated, which I thought was a clever play on words until I looked around the internet. After some thought about that - and Strider constantly referring to me as "Pixel" - I decided to change out the old handle. I am Pixie The Fairy now. I think this new one suits me better anyway, given my love of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Now this handle feels like a fresh pair�of boyshorts.�

Those that know me also know I'm on the Community Blog Recap Team as your Sunday recapper. I also helm the Monthly Recaps and write silly blogs. I should be working on both recaps right now but I felt it best to refresh my brain a little after facing so much frustration over various things this weekend. I'll see they get done soonish.

I am also one of the newer comment moderators. I knew going in this wasn't going to be all fun and games, though, I once modded on an MMO community site in the past which happened to be very much about community promotions in its own way, so I am kind of privvy to the good and sometimes also the consequences of a community with that focus. Not every topic ends up being fun to read as a moderator, but I figure if I can help keep the welcome mat nice and clean for everyone else, then it is often worth it.�

Also, since I am opening myself up for questions here, I do feel I need to nip a particular line of questioning in the bud. Most people around these parts know that I'm a transgender lady, one that likes girls and I've actually never faced any invasive questions regarding that aspect of my life here, which is incredibly cool of you folks. I don't go around asking, "Hey, how's your genitals today?" so I think it is common sense not to ask me the same the second one learns I'm trans. Where I'm at on my transition is my business anyway.

Anyway, that's enough of that. You can ask me things.

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