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I really would have preffered a series of Darth Vader shorts over Obi Wan getting a show. Like just him force choking someone because his latte was cold or something.


May add to the TOS that only prayers to The Nocturnal and Sheagorath may be led on Dtoid. None of that Molag Bal or Sithis stuff.


Chris Pratt opened up to say he's never attended the homophobic Hillsdale Church, but instead the Zoe Church that moved away from them. I'll give him the benefit if s doubt. Still needs acting lessons though.


Little Noah seems pretty okay so far. On and off in the first dungeon. Kinda like an in-between of Pikmin and Ender Lilies with the Bravely Default chibi aesthetic.


We gave drifted so far from God. Noah is now an anime girl in a roguelike platformer and no longer an old man lobbing food at animals in first person.


Finally saw Multiverse of Madness. Good, but no Thor: Ragnarok. Also makes Civil War age like milk even more.


Dunno when I'm playing the new Saint's Row, but I made my Boss. She likes praising the sun, flipping people off and tea time.


Hard to find something to make my day, but some fun prints came in and this is a nice cover for an upcoming Star Trek comic. I guess Harry Kim and Miles O'Brien are cursed in the same way.


So, force me to fund schools that preach bigotry, make it easier to get shot and no bodily autonomy. Fuck SCOTUS. Illegitimate and rotten to the core.


Watched No Time to Die while on vacation last week. Feel it closed out the Craig Bond saga well enough. I loved Paloma's treatment as a character. Shame she has a very small part of the story. Just a fun character kicking ass (as James got his ass kicked)


Did the Golden Saucer quest at the last minute because for whatever reason I just don't feel like playing FFXIV til more cotent comes. The .0 and .1s are just too dry for my liking these days.


Very happy to see Crisis Core getting a remake, and even coming to Switch! Also glad I held back in seeing if Epic had a sale on FFVIIR, because the streamseemed like a good time to announce it. And they did!


Playing Shredder's Revenge on Game Pass. I have dibs on jumpsuit journalist April O'Neil!


All the cool demon girls like Baba is You. The Ishtar and Pixie stickers are from Laurencin on Etsy. There are others like Hua Po, Lilim and Fire Emblem TH ones, too.


Asked for pink-haired Aphrodite like in Hades, but with doves and teal eyes, got a dish-eyed anime girl getting eaten by a white murder penguin. She seems okay with it.


Last Tarot post will be up tomorrow. Just have to do some edits. Also lost one image to the aether so I had to redraw. May do more tarot prompts in the near future. I have lots of cards!


Starfield looked okay. Not super-hyped, but it will scratch an exploration itch to be sure. Just flabbergasted they're still using that busted old game engine.


Tarot post didn't get done in time for MS stream, but i wanted to confirm Todd will say what Seymour asked about.


I asked an AI for Breath of the Wild... not bad, actually.


Should have the final tarot post ready tomorrow or Saturday. Needed to do some personal stuff. Not stressed out, just figuring out where life changes go and how it affects the apartment, really. Kind of a Marie Kondo phase.


On something of a mythology reading binge. The ancient Greeks explain the moon's orbit as Artemis chasing Selene. The moon's orbit is powered by lesbians.


Some people want a Code Veronica because they love Claire. They forget about awful Steve and the antagonists are and how Capcom just forces Chris Redfield where no one wants him.


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