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This is an extremely detailed video essay breakdown of the problem with JK Rowling, her transphobia and how supporting her stuff only emboldens her to do more harm. There are also 240 anti-trans state bills in the US *this year.*


If people were crestfallen about the green M&M ditching her heels, I regret to inform you I am not really a small fairy.


Finished Harley Season 3. It has remained very consistent in quality and inventive character arcs. Sadly my sub ends soon, so I'll miss the Valentine special and further TLOU episodes, but I know the ending already 😜


Got the FE Engage tarot cards. Probably some of the most poorly made ones I've seen. The way it was packed Lucina, Corrin and Byleth are likely to see side damage in most decks. Just novelty, not particularly good tarot cards.


Turns out to receive the Fire Emblem Engage online pre-order bonus from Gamestop, you must go to a brick-and-mortar store to receive it. This was updated on the GS site last week.


Just saw a game on eShop called Loot Box Simulator that features art from... Stable Diffusion and now I hate this timeline even more. Even if you're gonna make a crap game, you should pay artists to do art.


Do I need Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden on both Switch and Steam? No. I have them on PS Vita. Do I have them on Switch and Steam anyway? Yes, because I've lost entire collections before to unemployment and now I horde when I can get away with it


Finally got my Fyodor Pavlov Tarot deck. Lots of it isn't safe for work, but if you like art nuevo stuff it's worth a look, but on perpetual backorder. It also reps many different cultures and covers the LGBTQ community very, very well.


Watched TLOU and it ended where I basically recently stopped with the remake. There's some more texture in the show where Sarah was concerned, but otherwise it feels too much like the same story.


Played a little FFXIV on Steam Deck and with that, PS Remote Play is back in the dumpster.


The existence of Pods and Mama in FFXIV suggests Grimorie Weiss is inevitable.


I kinda like Forspoken, but I feel like Neon White needs to be shoved in the face of anyone that makes parkour feel janky.


Deep Space Nine hit 30... and I've started watching it again after seeing the "What We Left Behind" documentary.


Finally pushed past Sen's Fortress after a great bit of procrastinating.


Finished HZD's Frozen Wilds expansion, so I started up Forbidden West. The QOL changes are good, but it very much is the result of BotW trouncing HZD. Then Elden Ring trounced it HFW with even less guidance. Still a vast improvement, though.


Finally finished Star Trek V. Still a trash movie that doesn't really fit in the storyarch of the films but it does have a lot of good lines and its criticism of the Evangelical notion of God is still spot-on.


Me now that I'm largely unaffected by the exclusivity wars.


Making progress in Returnal. Got to the first boss. Sadly, I had lost my shields in the prior room so I lost my x5 adrenaline buff in seconds. Selene is clearly losing her mind, as she thinks she owns a house.


Sony recently mentioned they're locking down Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and Bloodborne as console exclusives. I think the first two are unnecessary at this point... but you're doing something with Bloodborne, right? Not just sitting on it? Right?


I have now watched every live-action Trek show. I also watched The Motion Picture through The Voyage Home as a refresher. Now to suffer.


I guess that's right. I really shouldn't be playing fighting games, though, they're not good for my hands. I don't trust that I played FFXIV as much as Steam claims. I did a lot of other games while possibly idling in FFXIV, like Witcher 3, Halo and HZD.


Going unga-bunga on the first run might be a mistake, but I need to stick with Dark Souls for now anyway.


The PS5 is here. Upgrade system for games is hella weird. Demon's Souls looks nice, buy I should probably put a hold on that until Dark Souls is done. Mostly just seeing what I can do. Have Returnal, Horizon Forbidden West and those Dad of Boy games.


Fangamer got a bit of Hades merch, so I grabbed the Nyx tee.


I think part of why I can't get into Star Trek games is its always about the captain and not about, like, a cursed engineer's work/life balance. Like a station repair sim. Getting those Cardie replicators tuned just right for coffee, etc.


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