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I bought that Ukraine bundle thing and won't redeem most of what was included. If you'd like a key for one of the games/anything else, just email me (not gonna check comments here, too busy!) at tacos@destructoid.com, and if it's free, it's yours!


Today is my actual brother in law's, The Actual Charlton Heston, actual birthday, and he can't actually stop me from telling you all to wish him a happy actual birthday.


This movie looks like farts and I can't wait for it.


Paging Soulblow: I don't usually wear hats but I had this one made. Figure it out, bud.


It's days like today that make me miss cumwizard2k14.


Occams literally has one of my teeth. That's not a joke, he has the root of a tooth I had pulled. A real human tooth. Happy birthday! You're next, dm.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes! You're all special. Except for Mike. Join me in wishing Larx (belated) and Panda a wonderful birthday, wherever they may roam.


Here's an Epic Games Store key for Twin Mirror, if you want to play it. Just let us know you claimed it.


Occams is legit the most thoughtful and loving person I've ever met on the internet (whose name isn't Moyse or Andriessen). Consider yourselves lucky that this human (?) is not only part of your ranks, but someone on your side.


That new Evil Dead game promises looting and crafting in the press release. Also finding key artifacts. You can also play as the Evil and possess things. Pretty much Metal Gear Survive meets Friday the 13th: The Game. Gag me.


Can this just fucking end so I can give away Cyberpunk and a Johnny Silverhand statue already?


Ok, time for another question: Who here lives in Indiana? What can you tell me about living there? How is Indianapolis? Looking for places to live.


A little birdie tells me if you look at Dtoid's social channels tonight you'll see a FUN contest... Actually no, meant this morning whoops.


Can anyone tell me about living in Minnesota or South Dakota? Looking at GTFO the desert.


Just a quick statement in the comments.


I'm giving away Serious Sam 4 tomorrow, and I have Stadia keys. Does anyone here actually have a Stadia setup? Am I going to be able to give all of my keys away?


Just watched the opening video for Deadly Premonition Origins, and I'm already hooked. I hear it's jank galore, and I can't wait.


Niero found a workaround to change your Dtoid Disqus avatar if it's tied to your Dtoid account. Details within.


I love shit games, and Contra Rogue Corps is on sale for $10 on the eShop. Bought. Downloaded. Shat.


I'm EXTREMELY computer illiterate. I "own" P.T. I want my wife to play P.T. on my new PS4, where I didn't originally download the game. Can someone "help" me download it onto my new system, since I "own" the original demo? Difficulty: I'm a dumbass.


Drinking and waxing poetic about the Tears for Fears album that's like six years in the making, now. Really looking forward to hearing what these brilliant chaps can do -- the song below is so modern, but them. Love it to death.


Update: I bought FF7 Remake 1st Class Edition, and didn't realize I had to go online to get the two extra DLCs. I downloaded, and they won't appear in my DLC section in the menu. Can I not redeem them since I already started the game?


Am I missing something? Bought FF7 Remake 1st Class Edition, and saw the Cactuar DLC code but not the Carbuncle. Did I somehow overlook it?


Waiting for FF7 to arrive. Frank, Dean, and Sammy about to drop the hottest rap album of 2020.


Next up: Can anyone offer up some easy recipes for me to try out? Like, beginner level. I'm a terrible cook, but want to try a little more now that I have the time. I made Alamo Drafthouse's Buffalo Cauliflower Bites the other day, so around that level...


Can anyone recommend a good yoga instructor on YouTube? Not looking for anything super intense, just something to get my yoga on indoors to help keep me nice and limber.


I've been rocking out to this song lately. I haven't been through a breakup, but it's awesome. Also, the comments are miraculously good/fun/not racist for YouTube.


I'm noticing a lot of stress and frustration at the hands of the new Animal Crossing game, mainly due to people not being able to obtain certain items. Is this normal? Is it stressing you out further in the midst of a global pandemic? Tell me.


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