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I was all excited to go for that Mario Maker 2 coin until I actually tried the level. It represents the parts of Mario Maker that I can’t stand. Auto stages, item/enemy spam, and overuse of sound effects. Pass.


As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember that pecan pie is superior to pumpkin pie. #Factsgiving


Another Game Awards, another list of games I haven't played. I feel like I've gotten more basic in my game tastes over the last few years (being a Nintendad), but then the Game Awards hits and suddenly I feel like an absolute hipster.


I’m glad I replayed the original Wild Guns after it came to NSO, because Reloaded is basically Wild Guns on steroids. Tough, but good stuff!


I bought a Switch so I could play all the hottest new games!


Here’s a bit of good news to brighten your day.


Finally finished Luigi’s Mansion 3, all Boos and gems. Fun, but it’s a 15-20 hour game that somehow felt like 40.


Decided to break out the 3DS for the first time since about February. That thing is like comfort food at this point.


To reuse a joke I made nine months ago:


Finally found something from my reading list that my wife seems to enjoy. Discworld it is!


I refused to be beaten by Sunshine, even if it took me 18 years. That’s finally a wrap on 3-D All-Stars!


It's a few days late, but cute nonetheless.


Happy birthday to Mr. Moyse and Descruff! Y’all good people.


Years ago, I would have gotten upset at seeing Christmas decor or hearing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. Now I’m older, tired, and I have other things to worry about. So bring on the Christmas season, I say!


I’m gonna NOT play the Age of Calamity demo because I’m a Nintendo shill who knows he already wants it. I’d rather be able to go whole hog when I do get my hands on it.


Are any of the Tremors movies past the first two worth watching?


Was Crash N Sane Trilogy an upgrade over the originals beyond the graphics? I own the originals digitally but I remember trying the first game and being put off by how difficult/finicky it was.


I...don’t know if I’m going yo be able to 100% Sunshine or not. There are so many bad design decisions that I may not do it out of principle.


If Tohsaka is going to post a Calvin & Hobbes collection, so will I! Either I or my grandfather are first owners of all of them except HPJC. #TimeToFeelOldTuesday


Time between Pokemon GS and HGSS: 3437 days. Time between HGSS and now: 3873 days. Time for yet another remake?


Welp, the Sunshine playthrough has begun. I let my 5yo play for a bit after I'm done with a session, and he just runs around Delfino Plaza spraying Peach/toads/Piantas and laughing at their misfortune.


For no good reason, I decided to group Smash characters into tiers based on my personal usage. DLC characters are best guess, as I haven't played with most of them very much.


Welp, that's 242 in Galaxy and 120 in 64. I don't know if I have the stomach for what comes next.


"You will still be able to buy PSP content by accessing PS Store directly from PSP" Oh, you mean the one they shut down in 2016?


It's about time someone invented a scented candle that smells like dog farts.


It’s October, so it seemed like a good time to finally start Luigi’s Mansion 3. That’s about as spooky as I get these days. Liking it so far, random thoughts in comments.


Finished my full 242 run of Galaxy today. Kiddo wants Super Mario 64 next, so I’m going for the first 120 run in probably 15 years. MAN this looks good in HD, even if it’s only 720p30fps.


It makes me a proud papa when I get the DKC map theme stuck in my head because my 5yo is humming it.


In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit


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