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Virtua Memories: Virtua Fighter/Remix (Virtua Fighter Month)


It’s December, and you know what this means right? No, not Christmas. December is Virtua Fighter Month!

For the month of December, I will be writing about my memories with different Virtua Fighter games from Virtua Fighter to Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. I will include Fighters Megamix and briefly mention the Virtua Fighter anime. But for right now, let’s get started.

Virtua Fighter/Remix

We all know the history here. Virtua Fighter was released in 1993 under the Sega Model 1 Arcade System, in which it became the first ever 3D fighting game in the genre. Polygonal characters, ring-outs, space jumping… you name it, they got it. That game would pave the way for 3D fighters such as Tekken, SoulCalibur, and Dead or Alive.

I had some memories with the original version, but the version I touched was Remix first. I remember Christmas day in 1995 when my dad surprised me with a Sega Saturn. The console came with a game, which was Virtua Fighter Remix. For those who don’t remember: Virtua Fighter Remix was made as an apology for the Sega Saturn release of the original Virtua Fighter due to glitches. Anyway, my dad hooked up the Sega Saturn in his room, and we played Virtua Fighter Remix. We had a lot of fun playing that game, and when he had my Uncle Malcolm come over, we took turns playing that game. Hell, I remember Uncle Malcolm coming over to my house with a Playstation and a copy of Tekken. Good times.

A couple months later, I got another copy of Virtua Fighter Remix in the mail. The only difference is that the disc that I got in the mail was orange. It was odd because I already own the game, but I kept it. Fast forward to 2002-2004, and I dusted off my Saturn to play with some friends. Yea, I used to own a blue disc and an orange disc of the game, but unfortunately the orange disc is destroyed a couple years later due to a salty friend. It didn’t matter because the orange copy had a lot of problems.

As I got older, I started to understand how to play the game more. Virtua Fighter introduced me to fighting games and paved the way for me to get into the fighting game genre. I will never forget how much time I put into this game, how many times I’ve beat my dad and other people, looking up prototype versions, and finding out more facts about this game.

I still have my blue copy of Virtua Fighter Remix to this day, along with the Japanese version of both Remix and original. Also, when I owned the North American version of the Remix, what was SEGA thinking when they had this as the loading screen message…

Really? Patience, Grasshopper? Okay then…

This is just the beginning, everyone. Come back next time when I talk about my memories with Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighters Megamix. Until then, enjoy this tournament video of VF Remix I found on YouTube.

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