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Top 10 Let's Play Fail Moments


When it comes to doing Let’s Plays, there will that one moment where we would practice a game off-camera just to prepare for making new videos. There’s also going to be a point during the recording where Let’s Players curse kicking in at any given moment. Let’s Player’s curse is no matter how hard you do well on a test playthrough, you are bound to mess up at any given time.

I have my fair share of failures as well. I died seven times in Stage 29 of Sonic Forces, died too much during my playthrough of Blaster Master Zero, and I had a hard time beating the Uber Caterkiller during my Knuckles run of Sonic Mania. Yeah, I know what it’s like.

(Hold up. What’s this? Virtua Kazama’s making a blog that’s not about fighting games?!)

Yeah, I decided to expand outside of fighters and make another Top 10 blog, this time about the failure moments of Let’s Plays. Fails can come in many different forms, such as deaths, struggling in certain areas, karma moments, and more. That’s what we as Let’s Players have to endure for your entertainment.

Here are a couple rules before I begin:

  • These picks are based on my opinion.
  • I will mention the same LPer more than once (expect to see TRG, BSC, SGB often in Top 10).
  • No mention of DSP because he fails all the time.
  • I’ll be using the clips provided by Great Moments in LPing and LionEatsNoobs (Mighty Lion LPs). Go subscribe to those guys because they compile some of the hilarious moments in Let’s Plays.

Finally got that out of the way. TIME TO START OFF WITH #10!

#10: Johnny Almost Died to Storm Eagle (BrainScratchCommentaries)

Storm Eagle is considered to be the easiest bosses in the game. The strategy to beat him can be done by either hitting him with a charge shot while dodging his divebomb attack, or you can use Chameleon Sting, which is his weakness. You can do an easy no-damage run if you do it right.

For Johnny… he had a problem with this boss for some reason during his time in Brainscratch. He had a hard time doing the charged dash shot at him, and he took several hits trying to avoid his divebombs. Ryan and Lewis were clowning the hell out of Johnny for that, but Ryan should be the last one to talk.

On Johnny’s second playthrough of the game through SGB, he redeemed himself by beating Storm Eagle in a no-damage run. Redemption is so sweet.

#9: 99 Coins of Double Fail (Patty/Pcull44444)

Let’s get one thing straight: The 100-coin mission in Super Mario 64 isn’t fun at all. After clearing all of the six missions of each course, you have to do a 100-coin mission to get the Power Star in order to get the 100% completion. Those LPing the game will have a stressful time, unless if you are SGB and you want to see the post results from the horror of that mission.

Patty (then known as Pcull) was doing fine with the 100 coin mission right until he went to Shifting Sand Land. He mentioned that getting the 100 coins in this stage is gonna be fun… right until he went inside the pyramid. He punched the two Goombas and only collected one of the coins that it spat out. Everything was going smoothly right until he realized that missed one coin.

Where was that last coin, you ask? Well, remember the two Goombas that he punched earlier? Yeah… that was the cause of it. So he got the star for the Pyramid Puzzle instead.

But it didn’t stop there. When he went to Lethal Lava Land, he mentioned that he enjoyed the 100 coin mission for this level as well. See the irony here? Well, here’s the kicker: by the time he got inside the volcano to get the last of the 100 coins, he missed the jump and landed in the volcano, where he burned to death due to the awkwardness of the camera angle.

#8: Tyler Has Trouble With Big Wood (Versus)

Tyler (formerly known as AttackingTucans) and Josh Jepson created a competitive LP channel called Versus, where two guys compete to 100% completion based on certain games (mixed with some hilariously offensive commentary). For the Super Mario Sunshine Versus LP, it was first originated on Tyler’s channel.

In this clip, Tyler was having a hard time trying to get up the big tree with the Rocket Nozzle after all eight red coins during the Fluff Festival Coin Hunt mission in Super Mario Sunshine. After 11 attempts, he finally made up to the top of the tree.

Tyler then rode the fluff to the lone cloud to collect the Shine Sprite, only to fall to his death. Anger, rage, and sadness were shown that day.

#7: Jake vs. The Wallmaster (SuperJeenius)


I actually feel Jake’s pain with this one. While exploring Skull Woods, Jake has made several encounters with Wallmasters. There were times where he got grabbed by one over and over again while trying to progress through the dungeon. Especially with the bullshit moments that you see on this clip.

Now Jake did redeem himself since he did a second playthrough of the game, only this time it was less-stressful than before.

#6: Rusty Bucket Ragequit (ChaosMaelstrom)

Rusty Bucket Bay is the most rage-inducing level ever in Banjo Kazooie. Why? It’s because of that damn Witch Switch that you have to get.

ChaosMaelstrom had a rough time getting that switch since he has to jump from a crane to do it. Every time he misses the jump, he ends up taking fall damage. So he went for the Crystal Skull that is located behind the building, right until he got Wombo Combo’d to death by the Grille Chompa. After that, he just left the room during the recording.

I feel for this guy.

#5: Chugga Pressed Down! (The Runaway Guys)

Chuggaconroy has played Super Metroid before, but he never made it far in the game.Thankfully, he had help from ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun for certain parts of the LP. But man… I don’t know anyone who has failed the escape section near the end. Maybe some of the first-timers themselves might have a problem.

Anyway, ProtonJon told Chugga that he has an option during the escape, which was you can either save the creatures or let them die. Chugga decided to free the animals, but he had to find them in one place where Chugga gave up during his first time playing: The bomb room.

After he freed Etecoons and Dachora, he had little time to get back to the spaceship for his escape. He made it back, but he pressed down at the wrong time… and at the last second too. But at least he finally beat the game.

#4: Jake vs. Snakes (ProtonJon, SuperJeenius, Patty, NCS)

Back in 2012, ProtonJon, SuperJeenius, Patty, and NintendoCapriSun participated in a 4-Player Battletoads Race to see who can finish the game. Anger, hilarity, fails, and sadness ensued during the course of the playthrough. Jake had the unluckiest time of his life during that race.

In Stage 6 of Battletoads, Snake Pit, there is a warp located in the second snake room. ProtonJon, NCS, and Patty all found the warp without a problem. Jake, on the other hand, didn’t. Jake not only got stuck in Stage 6, but he ended up in last place all because he couldn’t find the warp and advanced to the final two snake rooms, where he was stuck there for over 30 minutes.

(Side note: Watch the 4-Player Battletoads Race if you haven’t yet. It is entertaining.)

#3: Ryan Dies to Toad Man (BrainScratchCommentaries)

Remember when I said that Ryan shouldn’t be talking at all when Johnny nearly died to Storm Eagle? This moment is karma personified.

In Mega Man 4, Toad Man is one of the easiest Robot Masters in the game, since he has a repeatable pattern. You can easily do a No-Damage run against this boss. All you have to do is keep blasting after he hops from one place to another. You don’t need to use Drill Bomb against him. Just shoot and slide out of the way.

Ryan made it to Toad Man with one bar of health left. He was doing well against Toad Man until he accidentally slides into him. He beat him on his second try, although he got hit once.

Hey Ryan… IT’S TOAD MAN!

#2: Elliot Straight Up Chokes on Star World 5 (Super Gaming Bros)

When it comes to SGB doing a Let’s Play on 2D Mario games, Elliot is so damn bad at them. I mean, I could say the same for his first playthrough of Crash 3, but he was 14 at the time and he failed tremendously at that game. At least he redeemed himself when he played the N. Sane version of Crash 3 and other platforming games. But this one right here… Where do I begin?

Elliot was near the end of Star World 5 in Super Mario World. He could have easily jumped to the goal line, but instead he second-guessed himself into a pit. I couldn’t understand why he did that in the first place.

I’ll let the video explain for itself. Like seriously… watch it.

#1: Elliot Dies in World 1-1 (Super Gaming Bros)

The one that started it all for SGB when they started their Let’s Play channel.

I mentioned in the past that Elliot has horrible luck when it came to playing Mario games. This part right here is one of the reasons why.

Elliot not only fell into the same pit three times near the end of World 1-1, but he also got a game over because of it. He managed to get past World 1-1, but he failed at beating World 1-2. Now, of course, Johnny and Elliot had to replay the game through the All-Stars version because Johnny accidentally deleted the last part of the Super Mario Bros. LP.

Nowadays, Elliot has shown patience in platforming games, and he has redeemed himself with the N. Sane version of Crash 3. He’s gotten slightly better in Mario games, but that pit death has got to be the most embarrassing one of them all. Which reminds me... SGB, when are you guys going to do a Super Mario 3D World Let's Play?

Let’s players curse may have its moments, but it’s what makes let’s plays fun and entertaining because we experience accidental deaths during our playthroughs. What was your favorite fail moment from a let’s play? Sound off in the comments below!

Until next time… Train Up, Fighters!

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