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10 Bixx About Vixx

Who the fuck is Vikki Blake?  If you've yet to see my (apparently sad-looking?!) face around the place: HAI! I'm Vikki, Dtoid's newest UK-type person. It's lovely here, isn't it?  I was never really the kind of girl who playe...


About Vikki Blakeone of us since 9:31 AM on 04.09.2015

Vikki hails from the Welsh side of the UK and overindulges on Yorkshire Tea, raspberry cider, CAPLOCKS, outrageously unfashionable music and horrible sweary words.

She probably knows more about Silent Hill than you do. No, really.

Favourite games seem to all have the number two in them - Mass Effect 2, Portal 2, Silent Hill 2 - but Vikki also loves Dishonored, Resident Evil, Far Cry, Metal Gear Solid and the Bioshock games, too (yes, even Infinite).

She has unnecessarily powerful love for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and plays far too much Halo and Destiny.

You can also find her words in other places like IGN, GamesRadar+, Bloody-Disgusting.com, and GGSGamer.com. I know, right? She can't believe that she gets to do this for a living, either.