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Just thinking about the good ole days, and how I used to see this car all the time. Glad I can at least find a picture to prove that I’m not crazy. F


Current Status: what the hell am I watching


Current status: what in termination?


Current status: I need a unit.


I’m gonna be busy tomorrow, so I wanted to post this now before I forget. 😘


Late Night Funky Friday Status:


Incoming Transmission:


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate them greatly. Pic Unrelated


I tell you this, because, as an artist, I think you’d understand:


As the Darktide beta comes to an end, I present my current status:


My ResiRun 2022 is done. Games 1-6 and both revs are done. No 0,7, or 8 because I beat them recently. No Veronica because I don’t have it anymore. Current status: I’m so tired.


[404 Status not found]


Current status: ITS NOT A PHASE!


A whale blood transfusion and some goat gonads will cure what ails ya


Current status: theatre is sophisticated art


Everytime Ricky Namara posts, I hear this song in my head. I’m convinced he has a drill for a hand. I’ll accept no other realities.


Are y’all ready to join the new world? I hear it has energy drinks with goji berries.


I now reveal my true demon name as Dreadeat Dunghot. Dung for the Dung Throne.


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