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Black metalGeimhre - Lost in the Twilight

Howdy, howdy

I just thought I'd give a brief introduction and whatnot.  My name is Vesalius, but you can call me Ves, because nicknames are for friends, and I'm sure we will forge an awkward friendship of self-discovery.  We will laugh, learn, and then grow sick of each other and never make eye contact again.

I love black metal, doom, industrial, and horror.  Also vidya games.  Which is why I'm here and what I am writing about today.

 I'm currently doing a marathon I've been planning halfassedly for two months now.    All horror and quasi-horror games.  I've got way more than I can finish in my old backlog.  My first two contenders are of the wussy horror variety: Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space.  I say wussy not as a jab to their quality but lack of bloodcurdling terror and cold sweats so intense you'd swear you ate too much macaroni salad.  I do not discriminate, but I hope to find a game that makes my sphincter clench so incredibly that it would be like a cigar cutter to an unsolicited finger.

Anyways, gentle reader, I have already completed RE4 as of last night, as well as its extras.  It was alright.  Kind of cheesy, silly, but fun more or less. Next up for tonight is Dead Space, which I have never beaten but left somewhere towards the last couple of levels.  I'll probably have it finished.  It's decent, though the logic of the levels have been tedious.

Well, my warm and gentle readers, I'll release your awe captured minds and leave you with a little beauty of music.

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