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Halloween Game Marathon: Night 2 (May contain cheeky language)

  1. Oh, hello there, gentle readers.  You startled me, not really since I'm not really there and you're not really here, but let's not go too existential, yet.

Well, yesterday I introduced myself to the community and also publicized my quest to play as many horror games as I can until Halloween, and I still haven't figured out why I wanted to write about it.  

Maybe, this will be my legacy, generations from now, I'll have a page in the contemporary version of Wikipedia that says, "he played video games for one month". And I will be content, as I imagine our version of the Internet will be attached to our minds and humanity will be like a hive of information, so we will all be very informative, clever and sick of each other.

Or maybe, I can use this as a podium to pose great conversations and queries with other minds.  More likely, it'll be akin to a crazy hobo yelling while sloshing a bottle of Wild Irish Rose.

Maybe I'm just waiting for someone to tell me to stop? Ehhhh.

Anyways, last night I beat Dead Space.  I used sweetfx to enhance some of the games aging polygons, and it looked very nice.  The plot with the back and forth "fix this, now fix that" was a little tedious, but man was the force gun fun.  The shotguns of the future are just jacked up air compressors, capable of knocking down everyone and then giving them the boot.

Im sure y'all are all familiar with the game so I won't go into a full analysis.  The story was Eh when you got to the end, the elements were decent, it definitely feels like it adapts other media and put it into a video game.  That is one thing that doesn't bug me, making a scene feel more personal.

Now, did the game scare me, unsettle, or the like? Well, kind of.  As I was in a hallway, I felt something bump me so hard I almost fell out of my chair.  I realized something was next to me and suddenly my comfy office chair started to sink down closer to the ground and when it was fully dropped my chair started shaking, violently, I turned around quickly only to discover my dog, working out a very serious itch above his tail.  My headset had blocked out his telltale grunting that accompanies his usual bottom scratching routine.

So, now that I caught you up to speed, I'm going to try to blast through Year Walk tonight and maybe something else.  Any suggestions? I like it all, from cerebral to visceral.

Im going to end this and hope to hear from y'all, but thought I'd link some goofy but awesome Greek guys.

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