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He has a claw hooked through my sock to ensure I won't leave him. #caturday


Since I got every Mega Man collection on Steam I have to replay all the OG Mega Man games for the first time since the Game Cube. I don't think this is a controversial statement but MM1 is dogshit from top to bottom. Feels horrible to play.


I'm eating the rest of the takeout that made me feel like shit last night. THIS IS HOW I WIN!!!


Ate too much Chinese food. Will tonight be the night my stomach pops? Stay tuned!


Ate too much Chinese food. Will tonight be the night my stomach pops? Stay tuned!


Revved up that chainsaw demo! Liked what I saw fine. I think trading the instant accuracy of the original with this shifting accuracy depending on if you're moving makes the game less snappy, but it was still fun and thrilling. Looking forward to the rest


At the intermission for RRR right now. This movie is indeed as wild as everyone's made it out to be.


Such a gorgeous song.


I have officially started a Letterboxd account, and I would like to add DToid's illustrious ranks to those I follow (and also better fucking follow me), so please drop your handle in the comments, so I can add you!


Yo, this is incredibly scummy. I morally cannot prove that I am a human.


Cocaine Bear was okay. Some good violence and a couple jokes landed. Thought it was disrespectful that they set up a camera in Ray Liotta's hospital room and then CGI'd the Bear suffocating him with a pillow.


Ah yes, February.


One day we'll have to spend a month on the forums, and some of us won't make it out alive.


I've loved Slinkies forever. I don't care about the director's "Free Boat Ride" comments or that he views the game as a metaphor for white genocide. I don't care that the spring sound is his bed springs from when he [REDACTED]. I will play Slinky Slunkoff


Just so we're aware, I never posted on Xeo's blog. I would not make the mistake of touching a hot button and do not care for "discourse." All fakes, fiends, and pretenders to my marvelous Throwup Throne will be executed.


Hi-Fi Rush finally stopped crashing long enough for me to finish it! Apparently overlays both through Steam and NVidia's nonsense software can tank a game. Who knew! It was cool, really fun and breezy. I'm glad to see new PS2-style action games popping up


Feel like these are overdue for cultural reevaluation.


No idea what the dude is saying, but when the song is this much of a banger I must simply bob my head to the beat like I agree.


My cat's greatest fear in the comments.


Okay, since one of ya'll disgusting freaks had the audacity to suggest that God of War (PS2) did QTEs well, I have the morbid curiosity to learn what games you think did QTEs the best! And if you say Jericho I'm going to burn down your house with my mind.


Hi-fi Rush keeps crashing on my laptop. I HATE VIDEO GAMES. Only medium where slight almost impenetrable variations in hardware mean your experience will suck ass.






I'm sure this has been said enough, but I'm pretty pissed: It's fucking stupid as hell that Dead Space is $70 dollars and doesn't include a remake of Extraction!! BULLSHIT! EA execs deserve to have their eyes melon-balled out and fed to America's youth!!!


Shinji Mikami finally gets his PNO3 sequel. All is well.


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