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Is The Club The Next Sleeper? Also, Giants FTW!

Although my weekend was rather quiet, it was fun thanks to a heavy dose of video game and football greatness. I picked up some new games, downloaded some new demos, and watched an awesome Super Bowl game. Suffice it to say that I'm a bit ti...


New Prototype Featurette Is Full Of Win

This video gives us new information on a game called Prototype developed by Radical Entertainment. Radical Entertainment is the talented team behind Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and this Prototype continues to impress as new information co...


What I learned at Magfest - Guilty Gear is amazing

I attended Magfest this past weekend and it gave me the opportunity to play many games. Among the games I played at Magfest there was one in particular that I've heard plenty about over the years, but I never got around to playing it. The g...


Destructoid Snowball Fight

Things have been mighty slow at work this week. Sadly, these are the things I do to entertain myself. Here is a snowball fight between Thornnn, Lemon, Workman, Mr. Destructoid and a special apperance from the Skittles Lad.


Email I got from EA regarding free game

As many of you probably know, tons of Rock Band hardware were defective. The most common problem seemed to be the strum bar on the guitar, which mine stopped working properly after only a few hours of play. In addition, my orange drum pad s...


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