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Frustrations of a writer

This is me venting more than anything, but I feel that as this community has a decent numbers of creators I might find someone who can relate to my problems. Apologies in advance if any of this comes off as pretentious. I’ve onl...


Improving Pokemon

Pokemon is an excellent franchise. I've found every new title it releases a guaranteed time killer. The newest games, Sun and Moon, have become my favourite Pokemon games and were such an improvement over X and Y. However, that’s...


Remembering: the Golden Sun trilogy

I lost count of the amount of times I lost those tiny Game Boy Advance cartridges and had to enlist the whole family’s help in turning the house upside down to find them. Amongst the most lost games were Golden Sun and its sequel...


Visual Novels - the power of choice, moe, and shame

If you frequent the Steam store and its list of popular new releases, you will have likely noticed an increase in games tagged with the words: Visual Novel, Anime, and, in some cases, Nudity and Sexual Content. These titles are a mix o...


Falling out of love with the Tales of series

Despite being one of the oldest JRPG franchises around, the Tales of series never quite took off in the West in the same way that, say, Final Fantasy did. Back when I was a kid, maybe around 11 years old, most kids around me knew about...


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JRPGs are my thing. Tales of, Persona and The Legend of Heroes are my holy trinity currently. If there's a Pokemon or Digimon game then there's a good chance I'll be playing that, too. You'll find me blogging about these games mostly, from story and character analysis to the soundtrack.

I'm a huge anime nerd as well. Gintama for Anime of the Year 2017.