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Damn Fine Coffee! Right, Zach?

For some, today might be remembered as just another Tuesday. But for me, it will always be the day two cups of good, hot, black as midnight on a moonless night coffee warmed my soul with the most exciting news since the invention of sinner's sandwich. That's right, folks! Twin Peaks is coming back! So grab yer' log and cherry pies and sit beside me, while I take a moment of reflection on why it's so darn awesome news for us, gamers.


But first, a few classy tunes to keep you in the mood for some delicious food. Also, don't worry, everything is spoiler-free, so don't be afraid to read a little too much words ;)


It's official, fellas! Twin Peaks will return on Showtime with a new nine-episode season. Show's creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost are both heavily involved as writers and producers, with Lynch also being the director of the whole season. It was also confirmed that it's the sequel we should be waiting for (not prequel or spin-off, which is the usual deal with everything nowadays). Which fittingly means that phrase "I'll see you again in 25 years", said in the final episode, should now be interpreted literally (and that's damn ambitious, to say the least).

A special picture for all those who still can't decide, whether or not the show worth a look.

For those, who haven't experienced the cult adorable fest of dementia and wicked humor called "Twin Peaks" yet, it's a detective story about an investigation of the brutal murder of young homecoming queen, led by an FBI Special Agent Francis... ehem!... Dale Bartholomew Cooper with a little help from local police force, which takes place in a small, quiet town of Twin Peaks, Washington.

The premise may sound a little too dry, like a usual one for detective stories nowadays, but Twin Peaks took it to the whole new level back in the day (it still holds up greatly, by the way). Everything looks interesting and thoroughly detailed in the series and everyone has got his own fair share of skeletons in the closet. Writing is top-notch and could easily transcend relaxing (borderline meditating) sequences into thrill rides so tense, that your heart will be begging for mercy.

All in all, if you are a fan of anything mysterious and captivating, check out the series. I have no idea where this will lead you, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Without a doubt, Twin Peaks significantly influenced our lives. Videogames included. And that's why it's so darn wonderful! Without Twin Peaks, there wouldn't be that amazing "peaceful town full of mysteries" kind of stories. For me, it's the best kind. Because if you've ever lived in a quiet, small town in the middle of nowhere, you would agree that the most needful thing out there is some unexpected, inexplicable stuff visiting your backyard.

[size=14] Enough of the chit-chat! It's gaming blog, for Pac-Man's sake! So, 'ere some games to keep you, starving for coffee and pancakes nerds, satisfied. Or, in case you aren't familiar with the series, justify my overly nostalgic piece of malarkey. Here we go!


Deadly Premonition

You've won one ticket to the "I said so"-land, if you thought that Swery's irresistible showcase of weirdness and b-movie references would get another mention somewhere down the road. And, why the heck wouldn't it? The man was clearly a fan of Twin Peaks. Savage murder of local beauty? Check. FBI Agent with some quirky habits and overwhelming lust for hot coffee? Check. Quiet town with creepy beliefs? A lady obsessing over a inanimate object like it's her own child? Check. Check. Hell, there even were midgets and the red room included in the game (instead of little kids), when first trailer came out. Some may call it a rip-off. I call it a lovingly-made homage. After all, it's a game that captured quirkiness more naturally than any other game before. Sincerety. It's a rare thing in our world, you know.


Alan Wake

Remedy. Them adorable sons of a gun! They not only managed to emerge a gem right under the Microsoft's prickly noses, but also did it with grace and style. Alan Wake is fueled by great narrative, funny dialogues, insanely cool soundtrack by Poets of the Fall, lovely throwbacks to your favourite movies and books... oh, the list goes on and on. There are so many details, packed so nealty in the core story, that you couldn't help but wonder how the heck it all could fit there. It's like Pandora's box, only instead of evils it contains all the awesomeness of the world. They even had enough time and inspiration to create goofy Twilight Zone-esque episodes of fictional "Night Springs" TV show and put them inside the game. How utterly crazy does it sound? You could clearly see guys were having fun with it. I hope more developers could learn a thing or two from them.


Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent

And finally, a game less recognisable and acclaimed than the ones above, yet the one that deserves special attention for trying to be different. Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent. Made by Telltale Games in collaboration with Graham Annable, it tells us a story of Nelson Tethers, the one and only member of FBI's Puzzle Research Division, who was sent on the special assignment to solve the mystery of Scoggins Eraser Factory. The erasers produced there were used by White House, so it's chance for our hero to shine! Soon enough, you learn that nothing's so simple in this calm, frosty town. Woods are swarmed with Hidden People, puzzles become more and more dangerous as you proceed and guy in a spacesuit starting to appear out of nowhere. Usual stuff in Minnesota, ya know!


As you could see, there are enough lovingly-crafted gems out there worth playing (and replaying), in anticipation for that "gum you like that's coming back in style". So, please, give 'em a try or just remind their creators how much you adore these quirky attractions. Because each and every one of them deserve it.


That's all for today, folks. Keep it classy, Dtoid! Terror is out.

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