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Mobile Suit Gundam: Can I Survive?

Over the past month, I have watched 8 Mobile Suit Gundam shows. Televised series, OVAs, and even movies were all on the plate, and I went through all of them. The recent Gundam Extreme Vs. may have been the catalyst for it, but my inte...


BoB: Hangin' Loose With Gravity Rush

I have a long list of games I mean to get to, and I own a lot of those games. As of a couple months ago, Gravity Rush 1 and 2 were not in either of those groups. However, the games caught my eye during the PlayStation Holiday Sale, so ...


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Howdy. RMC here.

Big fan of action games, especially stylish action and arena fighters. Regular fighting games are an old flame of mine, though I was never any good at them. Platformers are a casual interest.

As for a bit about myself, I am a freelance writer and aspiring game designer. I'm also Canadian, and thus subject to raised Canadian game prices! Woo!

Ask me anything about fighting games. I know a little about a lot of things.