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Videoshame: Final Fantasy VIII ballroom confession.

I would rather somebody barge into my room and catch me with trousers down, than have them walk in and see me watching this video; sat there with my elbows on desk, arms pointing skyward, hands knotted together and my head resting on top ...


Byte-sized: Halo Anniversary & Halo 4.

This commentary is designed to get me more involved with the Destructoid community and I'm hoping to make a regular feature of it. I have a tendency of posting a ma-ha-ssive project in here once every six months, to then fade back into ob...


P2 Press Start: Videogame manual & mini-guide.

Thank you loyal customer for investing in our product. Please clean up before you leave. Playing with people can prove very challenging at times. Hopefully the instructions found within this manual will help you get the most out of your g...


Learning to play: A lesson in Game Design.

University has finally drawn to a close for the year. I had been participating in (and sweating throughout I might add) a super exciting degree in Game Design. This is the first real chance Iíve had to reflect on the experience and Iíve c...


Gamers Block.

To recap on events Iím sure youíre not privy to; *Cue sitcom style montage of events that have transpired in the last 6 months, full of pretty girls, pop culture references and the latest melodies now available on itunes. * Iíve been une...


Buyerís remorse.

Weíre all aware of what happens after we purchase a game we love. Weíll play them to exhaustion; search gamefaqs for every nook, cranny and surface you may have overlooked until you grow tired and exhausted, then attacking anyone on the int...


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