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Halo 3 FNF Recap: Down At McDonnelzz Edition

Seriously though, this was one of the best Halo 3 FNFs in a LONG TIME. The olde group got back together and played some bullshit games. Just like olde tymes. Things learned: -People expect you to have a gametype/map -If you have a map/ga...


Rube Goldberg What? "Marble Maze" in Foundry Map.

Spoilers: It doesn't actually kill anyone at the end. I still need to get some more MS points to get the new maps and some more songs for Rock Band. (I can't wait to see my friend try and play "...and justice for all" on drums) Also;...



Not much to say about this one, just funny. I've seen some pretty funny stuff happen like this. Might screen cap some more. PROTIP: Spam RRoD to win Xbox Dashboard Slayer Matches. (Upcoming LNL: Creepy older lemon lookalikes? In my Sp...



Rock Band comes out next Tuesday. I have the money, but no reserved copy. You guys think I'll be able to find a copy? I was thinking of heading down to the local EB to pre-order it, but then realized how retarded that would be. The usual st...


LATENIGHTLULZ™: The Response to the N.C.C

Shit nigga shit. Major Language, not like anyone really cares though. --- Mission 1: 1) Find these guys 2) Raid their club yelling all those words that hurt their ears 3) Eat the Cake 4) ???? 5) PROFIT! Let's Rawk.


Remember Parappa the Rappa?

I loved that game. I was trolling the youtubes and I found this. They have a Parappa the Rappa anime appearently. The theme song is addicting (who knew the japanese liked disco?) I need to find this on the internet on something that isn...


I gots me a blog, ho.

Ma Blogs First Post... Yay? Basically just a test of my noobish skillz with this crap. Maybe I'll post something meaningful later though.


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