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We're turning into spoiled brats.

We are. Let's admit it.
I was thinking about this the other day, now I've found this article over the UK ONM Blog (LINK) and I just felt like posting what I though about this whole situation.
After E3, like all of you, I was disappointed. I even wrote about that and you can check my older posts to read what I thought, but you know what? After realizing that my disappontment was the result of my stupid high hopes for the Nintendo show I relaxed, looked at what's coming from the third parties (The Conduit and Madworld just to name the two I always have in mind) and most of all I looked back at what I received in the last two years on Wii and DS.
That is probably something not everyone has done yet, and the author of that ONM article sums up what Nintendo gave us:

" A new 3D Mario game (Super Mario Galaxy)
A new side-scrolling Mario game (New Super Mario Bros)
A new Paper Mario game (Super Paper Mario)
A new Mario Kart game (Mario Kart Wii)
A new 3D Zelda game (Twilight Princess)
A new handheld Zelda game (Phantom Hourglass)
A new Metroid game (Metroid Prime 3)
A new StarFox game (StarFox Command)
A new Smash Bros game (Super Smash Bros Brawl)
A new Pokémon game (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl)
A Pokémon Ranger game, with another on the way
A new Kirby game (Kirby Mouse Attack)
A new Yoshi's Island (Yoshi's Island DS)
A new Advance Wars (Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin)
A new Fire Emblem (Radiant Dawn)
Two new Mario sports games (Mario Strikers Charged Football, Mario Slam Basketball)"

Those are just first party titles, and even if you didn't like every entry of that list you can't deny it is a heck of a lot of content. Basically every Nintendo franchise is there and we had this "core" stuff in a pretty short period of time especially considering what appeared on the Wii in less than two years. If you add that there were awesome third party games for both the Wii and DS, because thank God there's not just shovelware on Wii and DS, and you have something that probably has never been done before on a home console - on the Wii side - and something that is boosting the DS to be one of - if not the - most successful console of all time period. So probably we've become like spoiled little brats, always looking for the next thing, forgetting about what was new and exciting just not too long ago. Whilst looking forward is a good thing, one should never forget what happened before.
I include myself in the spoiled brats category and now that I realized I am there I'll try to get out and look at things in a different way. Hell, if no games would come out for the next year I'd have my hands full of titles I haven't beat or even started yet, on Wii, DS, PSP and PC. I have no problems for this holiday season, the end of the fiscal year and well beyond. And since we know for a fact the so-called "core" (or better "traditional") games are being developed for the Nintendo platforms I think I'll have no problem for my gaming needs without having to buy a new console. Because I don't want to be a spoiled brat anymore, hence I don't whine to have the new toy but I enjoy the ones I have, spend more time with the ones I couldn't spend too much time with and while I do that the new toys will come out anyway. But I'll have saved myself the months of speculation, rants and painful, painful waiting.
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