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Fuck man. If I walked out at the Olympics and Song of the Ancients or the Monster Hunter theme started blasting there's no way I would lose.


I wasn't expecting to spend so much of my anniversary alone.


South Australia has been put into lockdown which means I have nothing to do except be home and worried. If you would like to play some games or whatnot, let me know! Be safe.


I have never had a computer that could run my Steam library so having a switch style handheld system to do so is an absolute dream. Gonna get it and love it.


I never want to hear about Ocarina of Time ever again. What an absolutely miserable gaming experience. I'm always trying to be positive about stuff I don't enjoy, but hachi machi is OOT just a boring slog.


Did anyone else get around Furi? I have always dug that game and just got it on Swutch. I'll finish it one day, I swear.


Happy 15th birthday to Persona 3, the game that renewed my interest in RPG's and changed my perception of what the genre could do. Replaying the PSP version on my Vita and it sure goes down smoother in handheld. Portable is the best way to play Persona.


I have just started FFXIV! I am playing on Tonberry and my name is Turbojasper Honkfuq. How do we play together? Let's do iiiiit.


I've been listening to the Besties podcast again and they did a retrospective on 2007. They started talking about Portal 2 and it just makes me want to hook up my PS3 again. What an absolute joy that game is.


Destructoid should always have a podcast. Is there anyone specifically to talk to in regards to reviving it?


A while ago I wrote a piece on this site called Killing Time In Inaba about how Persona 4 was playing a part in my mental health recovery. Today, I submitted that piece as a fleshed out panel for PAX AUS. Wish me luck (and come see me if its accepted)


Man, I miss Destructoid sometimes. Just nice people having constructive chats about games and cheering each other on for achievements big and small. You are all alright by me.


I am now, and have been for a long long time, a massive fan of Fallen London. Such good world building and storytelling wrapped in a long term browser based game helped to pass long hours working in bars. I grabbed Sunless Skies on switch and am loving it


Download Days Gone. Fun bike section, seems good. Get off bike. "Press R3 for survival vision." Screen goes greyscale and footprints appear. Delete Days Gone.


Metroid is a genre, right? I know its a game and all but surely the shine has come off that apple. I never really played it as a kid (or Zelda, but that's for another time) and personally, I'd point to Hollow Knight as the best of that genre.


How do I stop playing Hades? I don't want to obviously, but I do need to do other things. I guess. One more round though.


Gonna hunt me the fuck out of some Monsters. Great sword is how we do.


What does it feel like to play a game and not be made to feel incredibly shamed about it by everyone in your life? I bet it's nice.


DESTINY 2 LOVELIES: Is there a Destructoid Destiny 2 clan? I'm bumping up against the level cap and am ready to do Raids. I am only drunk some of the times...


I was super into FFVII when I was 9 and rented out Ehrgeiz on my parents Video Ezy account without them knowing. I didn't return it for ages and my parents were slapped with a $300 fine. I lost all my gaming stuff. It was rough. Funny to think about now.


*rhythmically pounding table* Hell house hell house hell house hell house hell house hell house hell hoUSE HELL HOUSE HELL HOUSE HELL HOUSE HELL HOUSE


Me logging into AOL, getting ready to talk about FF7


They doubled down on the Honey Bee Inn and it is God damn glorious.


I'll hold off for getting into the specifics of why I love FFVII Remake, but for now, believe the hype. It's good Ya'll.


Wait...before I do something dumb...is Australia the only place that got FFVII Remake early or can I talk about it freely?


FFVII Remake fucking slaps. I used to finish the original at least 5 times a year and I was certainly wary but it is far exceeding my expectations. The music is playing my heartstrings like a damn fiddle.


The greatest testament to the simplicity and elegance of Mario Karts design is how every person believes themselves to be the greatest player of the game to have ever lived.


I'm beginning to think Iriquois Pliskin is actually Solid Snake...


I swan to jawn, I'm going to finish MGS2 this year.


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