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I go through phases of Punch Out! And Tetris so fucking bad. God damn. If you ever asked me what my favourite games are, they would never come up but I play them all the time. Y'all got one of those?


I am home to the Dtoid. You don't remember me because I haven't been around but check the account and tell me I haven't left you my sweets. First cab off the rank: Persona 3? Y'all getting around that now?


I bought Planescape: Torment for like... The third time the other day? One day I'll finish that game. And Disco Elysium.


It became summer and I have been out! I am aaalllliiivvveeee! Love you Dtoid.


I want to start making custom GBA's. Does anyone have any advice or resources? I just think it'd be a real neat hobby and keep me creative within the video game space. Thanks in advance! Maybe a way to load ROMs?


It's a TurboJasper day off. That means an open invite for Mario Kart while I drink! I don't lose. I always win. Prove me right. I am also open to the concept of being wrong.


I haven't played Animal Crossing in a while and when I loaded it up again I got 2D6 psychic damage from my island name


The good part of fighting games is when I punch the other person. The bad part? That's when they punch me. I don't like that.


I have something legitimately despicable to admit: one of the endings for Nier Automata asks you to sacrifice your save data and I didn't do it. I couldn't do it. I didn't want to lose them and I couldn't bring myself to do it.


Got a new job and leaving my abusive bar job as of this Saturday. Can I get a W in the chat?


In Australia, Punch Out was never really a big thing. I've been playing Super Punch Out lately and I am becoming truly Tetris levels of addicted to. I am also deeply addicted to Tetris for context. AND LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE I AM SUPER EARLY IN THE GAME?


I used to not get The Witcher but I've been playing it on Switch and really taking my time with it. Making the oils, drinking the potions, etc. I think I get it now. It's so much fun in smaller bits on a smaller screen.


The inefficiency of hell in video games annoys me. "We use the damned souls for power and this is the factory." Sure, but you have bodies on pikes out front. You have dudes in acid pools miles out from the factory. Create the golden triangle of efficiency


How do people feel about Undertale? I still uphold that as one of the best RPG's if not one of my favourite overall games of all time.


Y'know. I don't bemoan games not made as a project launched is never guaranteed. Megaman Legends 3 though? I think about that monthly. And why can't I play Megaman Legends on my Vita? And why does my back hurt all the time? I can't stand? All related.


So...do we all need to bother with GOTY discussions this year or can we just give it to Hades already? That was this year, right?


I love persona 2/3/4. Persona 4 golden is my favourite slice of media in existence. 5? Persona 5? I dislike after nearly 300 hours on two separate playthroughs. The writing is bad, all the characters are the same, every palace is the same. Fuck Morgana.


I am now the Mayor of Destructoid. I promise to do the regular amount of cocaine as is expected of a mayor, and on occasion, slightly less.


When Bloodborne 2 is released I shotgun writing the first "Bloodborne 2 is the darksouls of the Bloodborne franchise" article.


So. I assume a lot of people on this site are American. How aware are you then of Australian games? Paradigm, Hollow knight, Stone, etc?


I'm not usually big on the shooter games but I must have bought Doom Eternal while drunk the other night and uh...pretty good. PFG (Pretty Fucking Good) actually. Just fun to be some dude with a suit ripped just enough to show his abs. Doing shooting.


To be clear: I buy an Xbox-1 and a gamepass and have access to a bunch of games? More and better than the psplus deal? Cause I am broke as hell. That would be great.


FFX is bad right? Like...it's not good? Or is the cheesiness of the whole thing the point and I should lean into it?


You ever think about how there are so, so many different Nintendo characters and yet whenever you play a Mario RPG, 99% of who you interact with are Toads?


The sunk cost fallacy is being 120 hours into Persona 5 Royal and realising the writing is absolute farts 70 hours ago but being unable to leave the game as I am on the final dungeon. I miss P4.


Media doesn't need you. If you don't enjoy the thing you are consuming, then don't. Fuck it. I love things that I wouldn't expect you to spend 20 hours getting into. Love what you love and let me love that you love things.


I am a big time long time Drakengard/Nier/Metal Slug/Ace Combat shared universe (Oh yes. Ask me how) fan and am playing Nier Reincarnation. Got the Automata crew and uh...it's good? It certainly hones closest to the original concept for Nier.


I absolutely love me some video game tech nonsense that is promising but will ultimately disappear (I kick-started the ouya and caress my dream cast daily) so I really, really need me a Playdate.


My loves. Lockdown boredom is setting in, does anyone have recommendations for mobile games? Nier Reincarnation is still some time off. I am on Samsung, so no IOS pleeeeease


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