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Press Y to Revive: Dino Crisis

Hello and welcome to Press Y to Revive, a look back at older game franchises or one offs that I think should be brought back into the world of modern gaming.              ...


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So my original account "Ghostbody" got nuked from the face of earth for whatever reason... So here I am reborn as Trueghostbody. You may still see that shambling corpse in the comments as Disqus allows that but I guess until that gets fixed or nothing ends up happening I am here. A '09'er as to being signed up here and a '07 lurker.

Conveniently, my PSN name is Thetrueghostbody and out of left field on Xbox it is Faquza. Working on writing more about games and working all the time so it is a tad bit counterproductive. Hit me up on any of the gaming services if you want to play. I have a heavy focus on fighters but I play everything under the sun.

PSN: Thetrueghostbody
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I also have a blog about a bunch of different things. I post there from time to time.