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Gravity Rush PS Vita Review

In 2012 the Playstation Vita received a brand new IP, with Sony hoping that this would become one of the Vita's showcase games to finally entice sales. This game was showcased as Gravity Rush, a unique cel-shaded action game with many ideas...


Legend of Zelda (NES) Video Review--TLMB

TLMB is back with another review coming at you! This of course of our second completed game on our channel: The Legend of Zelda...the original! We go through the story, music, gameplay, how we feel it stands overtime and of course the over...


Ni no Kuni Review PS3

Ni No Kuni, the DS game turned into a PS3 game that non-Japanese gamers knew about, but never knew when they would get it. Three years after its release in Japan, Level-5 studios published and developed Ni No Kuni; a game also featuring the...


The Worst Feeling Gamers can have

Note: Since I wrote this blog and IGN featured it on their front page (mega-excited!) I thought I would share it with the best online community of gamers...Destructoid! - Look gaming has tons of perks, I mean to start off videogames are f...


Does the Wii U need a price drop...not really!

Nintendo announced that they have no plans for a Wii U price drop and while many around the internet wonder why or how come they aren't doing "the 3DS price-drop strategy" it's a complicated reason that can be seen from two points. The firs...


All New StreetPass Games Reviewed

Everyone loves their 3DS and everyone loves StreetPass, it's one of the biggest and known features of the 3DS. To obtain any Streetpass you just need to be near someone who owns a 3DS and boom, you met their Mii who was added to something c...


Earthbound/Mother 2 Review

Mother 2, Earthbound, a cult classic, a game I had only heard of but never gave it a chance. Earthbound is a 2D roleplaying game for the Super Nintendo and the only game of the series (there are three) to make it to the States. Released in ...


Luigi Mansion 2: Dark Moon Review

It's the Year of Luigi in the Nintendo Universe and what better way to honor Luigi than his titular and memorable first adventure for the GameCube Luigi Mansion (2001). Luigi Mansion was a unique game that came out in 2001, which brought Ma...


Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days (PSP) Review

DOOD! Another Disgaea game remade for the PSP? That's right Nippon Ichi's SRPG series, Disgaea, follows suit of its first game and creates an expanded version of its PS2 counterpart/original Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Disgaea 2: Dark Hero...


New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

Thought you had enough New Super Mario Bros, well think again as New Super Mario Bros makes its debut on the 3DS (its fourth different system!). New Super Mario Bros, is the 2006 series that started with the DS, bringing back Mario to his f...


Super Mario 3D Land Review

Mario takes a break from his�New Super Mario Bros�games and jumps back into the 3D world; and this time he's back in a familiar title to original Gameboy owners. That's right Mario makes his triumphant appearance on the 3DS with�Super Mario...


Mario & Luigi Dream Team: What I Hope to See

(sorry haven't blogged in a while finals but oh snap Destructoid has a new writing tool-base definitely a lot easier to write...although I didn't use it for this one lol) We all know I love Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga as it is probably th...


Halo 4 Video Review

Hey guys this is my first time doing a video review and a joint review; so I just wanted to bring it to Destructoid for some helpful tips on what we should add, get rid of etc. It may seem a little sloppy but next time is the time we want t...


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