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Backlog filled with JRPGs. Oh be still my heart!


I'm enjoying Code Vein a lot more than I thought I would. Never thought I'd say this about a Souls inspired game.


Hola I'm back, a few quick notes: My computer blew out (pretty sure I mentioned that before) and I only recently got the parts and fixed it myself. I've been diagnosed with depression and the symptoms... aren't kind in the least. Glad to be back t


Did Atlus make us wait all this time for Persona 5R news only for it to be an... announcement?


So my PC overheated and no longer works. F.M.L.


So I bought Anthem and I'm actually enjoying it a lot. The technical issues are annoying but the gameplay loop is addicting.


Off to better things. Landed a new job. Woohoo. (Not leaving the site btw lol)


What's everyone's Game of the Year? Mine is Dragon Quest XI


It's official: I need Assaasins Creed Odyssey in my life. NEEEED it


I think I'm finally finished with the Assassins Creed franchise only to hear Odyssey is really good. No video game relationship should be this complicated...


So I finished Dragon Quest 11. What to do... start a new game of course!


Dragon Quest 11 should be renamed to Echoes of a Past Life. This game is life now.


Wow my Dragon's Dogma blog got fronted. Wasn't expecting to see that, but still nice to see.


Real life has been a drag lately. Will soon have my newest blog up though


Mission Impossible: Fallout was awesome, intense, action packed and did I mention I? Cause it was awesome.


Next blog post I'm gonna delve into the resurgence of quality JRPGs released the last couple of years.


Finally got around to finishing Dragons Dogma on PC. Now for Bitterblack...


Does anyone listen to music while they game? Or is it just me?


4 days from now I'll be 28. When do I start feeling old?


This is not the quick blog you're looking for. Seriously, look elsewhere. Go away now please.


Next blog post will look back on one of my favorite games of all time: Rogue Galaxy. If the reception is good I may do a look back on my 9 other favorite games of all time. Oh, and I put this here as a reminder to myself on what my next blog will be.


Steam summer sales have mercy on my wallet's soul!


Heard how Activision is packing the Season Pass with Black Ops 4. Lmao shitheads


RIP my Xbox One controller. Good thing my DS4 works on most PC games


Zenith is as dumb a game as I've played. And I mean that in the best possible way. The funniest game I've played so far this year.


The real reason EA let Bioware put single player in Anthem:


Got three blog ideas and actually remembered to write them down. Go me.


Best way to unwind after work? Play video games!


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