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Artblog: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

I know people say Deadpool's "ZOMG CONFIRMED" cause his shadow's on the poster, but Marvel did the old switcheroo with the silhouettes in their "I Am An Avenger" promo, so I'm none too trusting of that info. That being said, I hope he's in ...


Artblog: Podtoid 145

Inspired by an event on podtoid 145: I'm totally not sure if posting something like that here is okay, but let me know if it's not. I'm thinking of doing one of these a week for my favorite podtoid moments. On a side note, Jim with an...


Team Riot Shield: An Exercise in Rule Breaking

Games have rules. That much is certain. A "game" can be broadly defined as an activity wherein one or more players manipulate key resources and abilities within a defined set of rules to achive a win state. We also know of games being fun. ...


Narratives Vs. Game Mechanics

About five years ago, my ex introduced me to the game known as Heroclix. Heroclix, if you didn't know, is a boardgame in which players form teams of superheroes and using a system of rules, battle it out. One of my favorite moments of the t...


Perfect Dark (XBLA) and Leftys

It's not very often that I get excited over XBLA releases, however my lust for this one was almost palpable. Perfect Dark, the N64 classic was released today for the Xbox 360 as a downloadable title and no sooner had I risen from slumber th...


Eddie Riggs Fanart Finished!

You guys here on Dtoid had such a wonderful response to the lineart I did for ol Eddie Riggs that I rushed home and finished the colours today ASAP! Thanks for the generous outpouring of support guys. I'm usually bogged down with paid c...


Eddie Riggs Fanart

I'll keep you folks posted with the progress of this, but after finishing the game and loving the soundtrack, my fingers were itchy to do some fanart. Yes I know the belt buckle is inaccurate. I'm fixing that before colour.


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