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Could Miitomo Be A Sign Of Nintendo's Plans For NX?


With the successful launch of Nintendo's first mobile app, Miitomo, and the wave of crazy photos that spread through the net shortly afterwards, Nintendo is experiencing a wave of success after success. Who knew an app about answering questions and dressing up your mii could be so popular?

However, at the same time as the Miitomo launch, My Nintendo, the revamped rewards program, also launched at the same time. While it had a more lukewarm reception, due to the lack of reward variety and no physical rewards to be seen, a very important aspect of it appears to be criminally underlooked. That portion just so happens to be the mission system.

The mission system, at a glance, appears to be fairly simple. Linking your account to various services and visiting them, doing minor tasks in miitomo, and buying digital games, all reward you with points.  Trade those points in for discounts, free exclusive games, and miitomo rewards. Fairly straight forward, nothing too unique here.

However, the biggest take away from this is that Nintendo is willing to give you points for merely doing minor stuff in game. Sure, it's not alot of points from that... but it's still points for playing the game. Points that can be used for rewards, discounts or actually Nintendo games. Hell, the game/app was free and you are getting points for playing it.

For all intents and purposes, what Nintendo has created and now implemented is the logical evolution to the achievement/trophy system. No longer does meeting an arbitrary goal give you a digital congratulations message and nothing else, you are now getting points that can be applied to actual rewards. They aren't even necessarily hard to accomplish tasks either! Added a friend in miitomo in person? Points! Changed your clothes? Points!

For all intents and purposes, we know the MyNintendo services will be implemented into NX. So the matter of buying games digitally as well as dlc is going to get you gold coins, and connecting the console to your account will most likely get you platinum coins as well. Now take the mission system of miitomo, and implement it into Nintendo's games that release there. Beat Super Mario NX? 50 Platinum points. Played x matches online in Splatoon 2? Get 10 points, go back online tomorrow for more.  100% run of Metroid Prime 4? Have some points. Posted a time trial for Mario Kart 9? 5 point, do another tomorrow for more. The potential is limitless, especially if third parties are allowed to get in on it!

With this evolution of the trophy/achievement system, Nintendo has potentially given a very substantial reason to pick up it's games that incorporate it, even ones that may not be that great. It's also a system that can feed into itself, encouraging sales of Nintendo games digitally. Unable to buy two games you want? That's ok, buy the one game, then use the points you can obtain from playing it to get a discount coupon for the other, where you can get more points! On top of that, since the discounts are for digital titles, Nintendo takes a larger cut from the sale meaning the discount doesn't hurt them as much! And you get more gold coins as a result of the purchase, meaning more discounts and possible free games! It never ends!

In my honest opinion, if this is the plan for NX, then I'm actually a little excited. It shows that Nintendo is trying to learn from competitors and trying to improve upon that and their own previous programs like Club Nintendo. Anything that can potentially ease the strain of gaming on my wallet is fully welcome, and if it gives me a reason to throw in games I'd usually forget about or leave to gather dust on the shelf then that makes it even better. Perhaps it will rekindle my interest for some of them. The only downside I see to this is that it's only digital copies that the coupons apply to... but either way, that's still a positive sign that Nintendo has a solid plan with it's reward structure, especially with NX around the corner.

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