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Community Participation: I Am Gundam


As some of you are aware, I recently imported Gundam Breaker 3. Love it to death, beat it, already halfway through beating it again on the new difficulty I unlocked. Going to write a review for it once I beat it again on the new difficulty and try at least one mission on the final difficulty known as Newtype. In short, I really, really like this game and it's up there on my contenders for game of the year. So you're probably wondering, what does that have to do with the community activity?

As you might remember in my previous blog, I mentioned 4 blogs I had in mind. One of them was the previously mention Gundam Breaker 3 review, while two of them would be an impressions blog for Super Robot Wars Original Generations: The Moon Dwellers, while the other would be a review. However, I did mention a fourth blog, and the only hint I gave was that it had to do with Gundam Breaker 3, and the following Goku picture. I didn't go into further detail as at the time of writing, I felt that I wasn't ready to announce it due to a lack of progress and materials holding me back.

As of today, I feel that I am ready to announce the idea. What I want to do is something similar to Hypno Coffin's art blog that was front paged, where he took various phrases given by community members and turned them into drawings. However in this case, I want to take character requests and turn them into mobile suits, using the games creation suite. I've already had a little fun with it, creating a mobile suit version of Sakura Chiyo, the girl in Hypno's avatar and many of the gifs that he posts.

Sure it's not a perfect transition, the colours tone and shade could've been changed, the skirts color was overlooked, it relies on Nobel Gundam entirely, but for something done in under a half hour it's not that bad. With more time, experience, and exploration, I'm sure the end result would've been even better. Given that, one could create something greater such as Getter Robo...

...or Optimus Prime.

So here's what I'd like to do. Take requests for characters from the community to turn into mobile suits, with some guidelines in place so expectations aren't too unrealistic. I'd then create them, take screenshots, and post blogs of them with about 5-10 requests shown off in each blog, being posted at a rate of one every one or two weeks. Here's the basic guidelines for submitting a request.

1) Characters must be humanoid. This means one head, two arms, two legs. 2) is the only exception to this.
2) Characters that are centaurs, or have horse heads, are allowed for sure, and those with tank treads or hoverjets for legs are allowed. Characters with wings or other misc. items on their back are allowed.
3) Please give at least two photos of your request, with at least a full body view in one of them. If a request has details on their back, please provide one from that perspective, or as close as possible.
4) Please cite the name and source material of your requested character, so that I can look them up if needed.
5) You can submit characters with more complicated designs, however they may be simplified for the sake being able to work with the creation suite.
6) By default, if they don't have a weapon in the pictures I have, like Sakura, then they will be left empty handed. Please specify if they have one, or if you'd like them to have one, with your submission.

 Those are the basic guidelines. Follow them and I can do it. I look forward to hopefully seeing submissions of a variety characters, and hopefully living up to your expectations with what their mobile suit version will look like!

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