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Seen, But Not Played.


Nobody can play every video game. It's insane and naive to think one could. The sheer volume of what is out there is staggering.

No matter how many games you've played, there will always be some that elude you for one reason or another. Maybe it's something that you never saw because it was on a console you didn't really care for. Maybe you always wanted to check it out but you never got around to it. Maybe you were young, and that big, fat M-Rating prevented you from even considering buying the game so you never did.

Here are a few games that I know exist. I've definitely seen them, I even own two of them. But most of my nostalgia of these titles comes from seeing them on a shelf at a local video rental store, or behind the glass at Sears. It's most definitely not from playing them.

Someone who frequented my local Blockbuster really must have loved this game. It was never in stock. It was interesting to go there, week after week, and see this game permanently checked out. Now I know that the game must have either been stolen or taken out of circulation at my local store, but for a while this game seemed incredibly popular, and I wanted to play it. I never did.

Honestly, it seems like since there weren't any sequels or other-such talking about the game, I guess it's for the best that I didn't play it.


I didn't play Wario's Woods until recently. I got copies of the NES and SNES versions at almost the exact same time (from two separate Play N Trade stores), and for a while they stood on my shelf, worthy enough to stand with my games simply because they were technically Mario games. After a year of sitting on my shelves, collecting dust, I popped in the NES version a while back to test out my Top Loader, which had been in storage since I finished college. It isn't the best puzzle game on the planet, but I'll choose this over Tetris 2 any day. 

Fun fact: Wario's Woods for the NES was the last official NES game released in North America. It's also the only NES game to have an ESRB rating. The late release of the game makes it a little hard to find, but if you're curious about the game and want to play it, the SNES version is readily available and much easier to get a hold of.

I certainly hope that someone can stop him. That face is the face of someone who will destroy the world.

Or maybe he just wants to have a party. One of the two.

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino is a ...game. It's certainly a game.

Alright, I'll be honest. I bought this game a few years back, simply because I liked the cover art and the ridiculously strange name. I'm a sucker for early CGI and this background looks like something out of one of the games in ReBoot, which is pretty cool looking in my book. The game itself? I think it's some sort of puzzle game. I'm sure it has something to do with laying down dominoes, but other than that I have no clue.

I don't normally buy games just for the artwork. Hell, I can't afford to. Margins are tight, it's a down economy. I can't just buy something just to say I have it (The Home Improvement game on the SNES is an exception. That's another time, though). Other than being a money-sink, practices like that are why this game is near the bottom of my gaming pile of shame. That is, the pile of games I have yet to play. I doubt I ever will, mostly because taking this one off the bottom will make the rest of the pile collapse.

Anyone else have games that they have seen, but not played?

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