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Christmas Memories: Yoshi's Island

It's December. You know what that means.

December has always been a favorite month of mine, mostly because I was a spoiled only child growing up. My parents made sure that gifts with my name on them were piled to the ceiling every Christmas Day, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I loved and cherished every Christmas with my family. But, of course, some gifts stand out from the rest in a particular year. Over this month, I am going to post about some of the best videogame-related gifts that I received for Christmas over the past 23 years.

The first one comes from Christmas 1995.

Man, I hadn't even been in Kindergarten for a year. It's hard to look back on this with any sort of clarity. From what I can remember, I recall getting a ton of Batman Forever action figures. I think my parents might have got me the whole line. Either way, I was showered with Batman variations, and I loved every minute of it. For some reason, I loved the wacky variations on the main characters that every 90s toy line seemed to have. Screw The Riddler or Two-Face. I wanted Hydrogen-Flame Batman and Neon Rolodex Robin. The gaudier the colors, the better.

I was kind of an idiot, even by five-year-old standards.

The crown jewel of all of it, however, was a little game for the Super Nintendo called Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

This game was hyped to hell and back on its release, and with good reason: This game is effing fantastic. Yoshi's Island is probably my favorite SNES game next to Kirby Super Star, and the memory of getting this game for Christmas makes it all the more awesome.

Make no mistake. I played the hell out of this game. My parents made sure to hook up my Super Nintendo to our big-screen television in the living room (a rear-projection TV, if I'm not mistaken), so I could experience the game in the best way possible. December 25th, 1995 was mostly spent with me glued to the television and my SNES controller glued to my hands. I spent weeks afterwards playing it after school, trying to beat the tougher levels without help from my mom (who never got too far, anyway). World 4-4 is still a choke point for me to this day. Friggin' lava.

I still own the very copy that I got for Christmas. It resides in my shelf with all of my other SNES games. I usually make an attempt to re-play it every year, and it completely holds up each time.

As for my Batman action figures from the same Christmas? If you go to Acme Comics in Longwood, FL, there may be a few left. Infared Batman isn't exactly in high demand.
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