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25 Years of the Nintendo Game Boy.


Yuuuuuup. Pokemon Red and Blue were released in the US on September 28th, 1998. That is well over nine years after the Game Boy came out. Hell, today a lot of games don't get released on consoles when they are six years into their lifespan. Pokemon helped the Game Boy sell more units than ever, and it gave kids a reason to use the link cables that they probably had lying around since their parents bought them F1 Race. The Pokemon games also made RPGs accessible to millions of people who may have never played a role-playing game before, and it encouraged social interaction in video games years before online infrastructure was good enough for multiplayer.

I'm sure there are people out there that thought the Game Boy didn't even exist before Pokemon, or at least didn't think that the console would have been a near-decade into its' lifespan when the games came out.

Come to think of it, it's crazy to think that the Game Boy is 25 years old now (if we're counting from the Japanese release, anyway). The Game Boy is now old enough to rent a car. There were dozens of great games made for this console, and, luckily, you can get a bunch of them on the 3DS eShop right now. Go and pick up Wario Land or Link's Awakening, and when Mega Man V comes out on the eShop, get it there, as the original cart is far too expensive to consider paying for.

I'm definitely going to be playing some Metroid II or Alleyway during my lunch break at work tomorrow.

There's no better tribute to a console than to actually play it.
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