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OC Remix's "Portrait of a Plumber" review

It�s frankly astounding that it�s taken the 15-year-old OverClocked ReMix this long to finally release a Mario album. After all, the soundtracks of the series are easily the most iconic pieces of music to ever come out of the video game m...


Super Mario: The OTHER Beautiful Game

The adventures of�Super Mario�have, undeniably, been the most famous and acclaimed game series of all time since their beginning with�Super Mario Bros.�Though its vast influence and pedigree have marginally declined in recent years, the g...



You never forget when you get your first console. The first time you finally get your very own system to play on, instead of endlessly borrowing and hogging your cousin's/uncle's/mom's/neighbor's/friend's/homeless man's machine. It's a day ...


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Howdy, you all! My name is Luke, and you won't find a more avid gamer than me!

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