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Mighty No. 9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt: A rose by any other name...

...would still smell as sweet.

Early indications of what the developers are concerned with are the basic play commands and movement. In a recent update on Mighty No. 9s Kickstarter page, it states that,

One recent session centered around a build featuring some new moves: a downward Dash, Backwards-Jump, and refinements to the shooting mechanic. Inafune-san took his time meticulously testing each move in turn, both on its own and seeing how each move integrated with the existing motions already in place.

Imaeda: I�d like to say that Inafune did nothing but shower Beck�s new moves with praise, but he did have some constructive criticism, like...

Inafune: �The dash is a fundamental mechanic in Mighty No. 9, but it still isn�t fun to do on its own. Also, we should make the backward jump look more like a distinct, deliberate action -- the current animation doesn�t really make that clear to the player.�

Inafune (sitting) discusses the game with Aizu (left) and Ikegami (right) while Kimo Kimo snaps a pic (far left)

Considering statements like these here and in other interviews, I will be focusing on how these games handle the players on-screen speed, stage design, upgrades and using boss-powers. This is what I will be looking for when evaluating change over time. Where did some of those ideas start and how have they developed. I will also look at stage progression throughout this series, but we do not currently have any comments from either team on specifics for their new titles.

What are you looking forward to in Mighty No. 9 �or Azure Striker Gunvolt? What titles do you think I've missed? What game dynamic do you think is important to take notice of in this series? Thanks for reading!

Keep Gaming!

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