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They moved the release time for ED to 12:01AM on the 13TH local time for everyone. I get to play a day earlier than I thought. Fucking Groovy!


Pre installing now and the have to wait 3 days to play. I can't wait.


I was just checking to see if there was anything good to claim with Prime Gaming and found a Commander Keen Skin Pack for Doom: Eternal.


Happy Birthday to Occams and Jason. Hope you guys have a groovy one.


My mate bought this a few weeks ago and he got it today. I thought I would share it with the Mandy fans here.


In memory of Scott Hall I played an Elimination Chamber match as The Bad Guy against some of his classic opponents.


Since I wasn't happy with my stat allocation and I killed patches, I restarted Elden Ring.


Less then 2 hours until I finish work. Then Elden Ring and Mary Jane.


Jerry and the group upset the wrong people, the Empire. Luckily Kramer is friends with Chewbacca and the Rebel Alliance.


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